Student Clubs and Organizations

The Office of Student Development supports and encourages professional organizations and clubs at Wake Technical Community College. Professional organizations and clubs give students a unique opportunity to develop leadership skills, network with professionals in a given field of study, and to get involved. Please visit our Main Clubs Blog for club list and club advisor information.

All student organizations must be approved by the College through the Office of Student Development. The following steps are the procedural guidelines in obtaining new student organization approval:

  • Students desiring the creation of a new organization must present their request to the Student Activities Coordinator. This presentation must include the name of the organization, the purpose, the objectives, recommendations for faculty advisor, the procedure for election of club officers, the means for the financing, the method of financing, and other related information desired by the Dean of Students’ office.

The organization must receive approval from the Coordinator of Student Activities, the Dean of Students, the Vice President of Student Services, and the President of the College before becoming an official college organization. Disapprovals can be appealed using the grievance procedure contained in this publication.