“Here at the Wake Tech Community College chapter of AEG, we proudly are committed to helping our students achieve excellence in the fields of physical sciences and engineering. Our goal is to help students further their pursuit of geology, geoengineering, as well as environmental studies to help make earth science an important part of their life career choice. Our aim is to encourage those who are inquisitive about the natural world around us, as well as those who wish to make a career out of studying structural geology and how it relates to engineering masterpieces.

Perhaps you’re just a student who wishes to learn how to network within the scientific community and to expand your knowledge of various disciplines of science to build yourself a better career path. Whether you’re just a beginner, intermediate, or someone who knows what they want to be, we have a place at all levels for those who are interested in the pursuit of scientific knowledge.”  –Dustin Travels, AEG Club President 2015-2016