Election Day!

Hey Everyone,

This is a reminder that we have our Election Meeting Today at 12pm in ETB room 219

Please come out and vote for your 2018-2019 AIAS Board!

We also kick start our bowling fundraiser today at 6:30pm thru Sunday April 29th

Results for next years officers will be posted soon!

Election Time and Club Trip!

Hey Everyone,

Its time for Elections!

If anyone is interested in becoming a member of the board this is your chance.

Tomorrow will be the last day to self identify for the position you are most suited for.

We will be taking up names at the meeting April 19th

The positions are:

President; Vice President; Treasurer; Secretary; Social Media & Marketing (appointed by the board) ; SGA Representatives (2) ( appointed by the board)

*If you can not make it to Thursday’s meeting, make sure that you email Christyn at ccajamarca@my.waketech.edu to place your name in the ballot*

Requirements for all positions:

-2.0 GPA Minimum

-Good Standing with the CLub

-Active in Events and Fundraising

*Those who are applying for positions will receive a series of questions pertaining the position in order for our members to familiarize ours with the candidate and must be presented on April 26th meeting*

*If you can not make it to the meeting that day email christyn and we can work something out*



For those who are sure they will be going to New York for the AIA Conference please turn in your $50 non-refundable deposit by Thursday April 19th

*Reminder that out of pocket pay with most likely be the cost of your flight. If we raise enough money the club will be able to pay a portion or full amount of the hotel.*

Spring Meeting

Hey Everyone,

We hope school is doing well. We want to just remind everyone that we will be holding a meeting April 5th. We will be discussing up coming fundraisers and volunteer events. For Example, Canstruction, Bowling, Yard Sale, Lectures, and the Club Trip (which has changed to a more affordable trip and moved to a better date)

Come out to learn more.

There will also be FREE PIZZA!

The meeting will be held in ETB 219 from 12:00pm-1:00pm

Come out get that pizza 😉

Thank you

Scholarship Opportunity

Hey Everyone,

This is just a friendly reminder that the AET Division will have a Wake Tech Foundation Scholarship Workshop tomorrow February 21st, at 9:30 am and 1:00 pm in the Student Services Building (Rm 215- There will be a sign if it is a different room).  The sessions will last 45 minutes to an hour.  All students that plan on applying for scholarships should attend this session.  Most of our students will be attending the 1:00 pm session.  They will go over how to submit your application and how to write your essays.  There are a number of scholarships available to our Architectural Technology and Landscape track students.  Please apply!  You only need to apply once and if you meet the criteria of the scholarship you will be assigned that scholarship.  Therare also scholarships specifically for Landscape Architecture Certificate students, so please apply.

Here is a link to the scholarships offered by the foundation to our area.  Let one of your professors/instructors or I know that you are planning to attend.

Thank You!

Firm Visit and Job Opportunity!

Hey Everyone,

Mussett, Nicholas & Associates Engineering will be here on Southern Wake Campus Monday February 12th in ETB(SE) 220 from 1pm to 2pm doing a Drafting Presentation and recruitment session for students.  They will reserve a space after 2pm to meet with potential students interested in working at their office.  Please make sure to dress appropriately and bring copies of your resume.

Hope to see you there and Good Luck!

RSVP for Pumpkin Carving Contest!

Hey Everyone,

We are having our Pumpkin Carving Contest on October 25 and 26th! at 12pm in ETB 219. There will be groups of 2-3 or if you decide to participate alone you must provide your own pumpkin.

The winners or winner will receive a $25 visa gift card per person!

Last day to RSVP is this Friday October 20th

One must RSVP to ccajamarca@my.waketech.edu with your name/names of people in your group and a team name!

Thank you!

October 4 & 5 Meeting Minutes

12:11 Meeting Starts

Fees for club

-Now $47

-see Dan to fill out AIAS Form

YAF Visit

-oct.18th @12 in ETB 219

-FREE Pizza

Pumpkin Carving Contest

-Oct. 25 +26th @ 12 in ETB 219

-Groups of 2-3

-Provide Team Name and Members on each team in an email to christyn

-$25 gift card to each member of the winning team

-Winner will be announced Friday Oct. 27th

State Fair Time!

-Club Planning to go to the State Fair on Sunday Oct. 15 @4pm

-Social Gathering


-Two Firms sponsering this year (Smith Sinnett and New City Design Group)

-break into two teams

Habitat for Humanity 

-Nov. 11

-Take a day to build a home for someone in the community

-Wear proper clothes

Biltmore Estate Trip?

-pushing for the end of the semester


End meeting at 12:56