Election Time and Club Trip!

Hey Everyone,

Its time for Elections!

If anyone is interested in becoming a member of the board this is your chance.

Tomorrow will be the last day to self identify for the position you are most suited for.

We will be taking up names at the meeting April 19th

The positions are:

President; Vice President; Treasurer; Secretary; Social Media & Marketing (appointed by the board) ; SGA Representatives (2) ( appointed by the board)

*If you can not make it to Thursday’s meeting, make sure that you email Christyn at ccajamarca@my.waketech.edu to place your name in the ballot*

Requirements for all positions:

-2.0 GPA Minimum

-Good Standing with the CLub

-Active in Events and Fundraising

*Those who are applying for positions will receive a series of questions pertaining the position in order for our members to familiarize ours with the candidate and must be presented on April 26th meeting*

*If you can not make it to the meeting that day email christyn and we can work something out*



For those who are sure they will be going to New York for the AIA Conference please turn in your $50 non-refundable deposit by Thursday April 19th

*Reminder that out of pocket pay with most likely be the cost of your flight. If we raise enough money the club will be able to pay a portion or full amount of the hotel.*

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