January 15, 2014 Minutes

Meeting started at 12:10




New York

-$207 and rising for cost of flight

-Club covers airline costs and 1 bag

-Approx. $30 per bag

-Hotels $209 a night

+3 plus nights together gets -20%

-$10 per person for cab

-Trip interest sheet distributed

-Tour 1-2 architectural firms

-Boat around Manhattan


Buffet Dinner

-$16 per ticket

-30% back for 50 people and 40% back for 75 people

-21st is deadline to purchase tickets

-25th is the day of the event


Corn Hole Tournament

-Ticket price under review

-Discount for board

-Lunch included


Review of details for Movie/Game night


Theory Forum

-Learn about Triangle architecture from architects


Meeting adjourned at 12:55

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