November 20, 2013 Minutes

Wake Tech Architecture Club

Minutes For:

November 20, 2013

Meeting started at 12:10




-5 students attended

-Last meeting for the semester


Christmas Event

-Need to sell 50 tickets to get 30% profit

-Discussion of needed details including location and payment

-Need to set a payment deadline due to club transation time

-Jan 18th or 25th possible dates

-New semester allows for new attendees


Movie Night

-Thursdays after 3pm in 220 is a possibility

-Need to purchase license for movies

-Popcorn and other concessions needed


Game Night

-Need to set a date, cost and games

-Committee set


Christmas Club Meeting

-Wednesday, Dec 4th at 5pm

-Movie: Inception

-Pot luck included


Coffee Bar

-Request denied


New York

-Interviews are being done

-Fly then take train

-Bulk flight ticket discount


Meeting adjourned at 12:58


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