October 4 & 5 Meeting Minutes

12:11 Meeting Starts

Fees for club

-Now $47

-see Dan to fill out AIAS Form

YAF Visit

-oct.18th @12 in ETB 219

-FREE Pizza

Pumpkin Carving Contest

-Oct. 25 +26th @ 12 in ETB 219

-Groups of 2-3

-Provide Team Name and Members on each team in an email to christyn

-$25 gift card to each member of the winning team

-Winner will be announced Friday Oct. 27th

State Fair Time!

-Club Planning to go to the State Fair on Sunday Oct. 15 @4pm

-Social Gathering


-Two Firms sponsering this year (Smith Sinnett and New City Design Group)

-break into two teams

Habitat for Humanity 

-Nov. 11

-Take a day to build a home for someone in the community

-Wear proper clothes

Biltmore Estate Trip?

-pushing for the end of the semester


End meeting at 12:56

September 20 Meeting Minutes

12:18- Meeting Start

-Pay club by next meeting

-After next meeting fee to join the club will be $47

12:20-Facts and Snack

-Mock up Team

-Tomorrow September 21 11am-1pm

12:23- AIA Tour 

-15 Dollar Free to attend as a student to all 5 houses

-Great opportunity to meet architect

12:26 Bowling Fundraiser

-Meeting at Buffaloe Lanes as a club October 1st at 5pm

-Event is on September 29- October 1st all day with no extra cost

-Bring friends and family and have fun!

12:28 Architecutre for Farm Animals

-October 10 @6pm

-14 E Peace Street

-Email card for RSVP

-Talk about architecture for rescue farm animals

12:30 YAF VISIT!

-Oct. 18 @ 12pm in ETB 219

-FREE Pizza

12:35 Club Trip 

-please try to provide information on a place to go (Presentation) by next meeting

-For PAID members ONLY

12:46 Art Auction

-Donate Art

-First Friday in November in Downtown Raleigh. Art Space is open to public email Alan (President) to volunteer set up

12:53 Meeting End

AIAS Bowling Fundraiser

April 14th – 16th, AIAS with the help of Buffaloe Lanes South, will be hosting a bowling fundraiser for the club. The officers have these flyers below available.

Here’s how it works: Grab a flyer from an officer. Present the flyer to the bowling alley when you are paying for your afternoon/evening of fun and the Wake Tech AIAS Club will receive 50% of the profit back from your receipt. So tell your friends and family and come out and have some fun this weekend. All are welcome to come out. We hope to have a good turn out for this weekend-long event. A few members of the club will be there at 6:30p.m. on Sunday, April 16th to bowl, if anyone is interested in joining us.

Spring Kickoff Meeting

Thank you to everyone who came out today, January 17th, for our first meeting of the semester. We hope that we were able to provide you with some valuable information today. Be sure to check back to the blog frequently, we will try to have more things posted this semester. Those could include interesting articles or videos pertaining to architecture. Also, if you find anything that you find interesting related to architecture please feel free to send that over to Victoria at vlparsons@my.waketech.edu so that she can share those links with everyone else. We want to get things that you would like to see and read up on the blog.

The meeting minutes are located on the minutes page for anyone who happened to miss the meeting or couldn’t make it out today.

Let’s have a great semester!

Food Drive Donations Needed

Hey Everyone,

Hope your finals and final projects are off to a great start. We are partnering up with the Student Government Association on a Food Drive. We would like everyone who is able to bring in a few cans (1-3 cans, more if you’re able) to donate on behalf of the AIAS club. We will have a box in ETB 219 for a collection zone. All of the donations will be turned in next Monday, December 19th. Again, any donations would help. I have attached an image from the Food Bank of Central & Eastern North Carolina that shows their most needed items. If you have any questions, check out their website at http://www.foodbankcenc.org/site/PageServer?pagename=FBCENCHome.

Thank you everyone!!


Triangle Brick Factory Visit

Our ARC 211 Class had the wonderful opportunity to tour the Triangle Brick Factory (http://www.trianglebrick.com/) which is located at 294 King Rd in Moncure, NC. The Merry Oaks Plant is located on the Wake County-Chatham County line. It was a great opportunity for these students that had the chance to visit the site to really see the process behind how a brick is actually made and all the work that goes into it.

Triangle Brick Company started in 1959. The first, original facility that is located on Highway 55 in Durham, opened in 1960. In 1973, Triangle Brick opened a second facility in Carpenter (which is located along the Durham-Wake County line).

The plant that the ARC 211 class visited opened in 1991. In 1993, a second kiln was added to the facility which doubled it’s production capacity.

Triangle Brick Company has been providing brick to residential and commercial projects in over 30 states since 1959. Can you imagine how many bricks that must be over the years? The pictures below show some of the process of how a brick is manufactured.

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