Upcomming Events

We currently have two upcoming events and activities that I would like to call your attention to.

blood drive on October 31st.

-As mentioned in the last meeting, for various reasons, many individuals can’t (or prefer not to) donate blood.  It should be noted that there are other ways to help at this event, so if you are interested, but won’t donate, feel free to contact us for more information.

The 7th annual EMS: Fill the Ambulance Food Drive. The EMS drive is currently running and will end December 7, 2012. We are encouraging members to donate what you can, and as a reminder, all donations are to be non-perishable items only.

It should not be forgotten, that due to the prices of green beans, and some other canned vegetables, that they outweigh other items in donations, although appreciated none the less, other items are in greater demand.


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