October Main Campus Events!

Full Spectrum
Wake Tech’s GSA


1st, 2nd, and 4th Wednesdays

Meet in PLM 250 from 2:30 – 4:30pm
**** Look for the rainbow flag! ****
Friday–social activity once a month
time & place will vary


Wed. 10/4–Domestic Violence (2:30-4:30, PLM 141)
Wed. 10/11–Coming Out Day (2:30-4:30, PLM 250)
Wed. 10/25–Safer Sex with Joy (2:30-4:30, PLM 141)
Fri. 10/27–Scary Movie Night! (5-8 pm, TE 105 A)
Wed. 11/1–Hangout (2:30-4:30, PLM 141)
Tu. 11/7– Candis Cox speaks (4:30-6pm, TE 105A)

JOIN US! Bring yourself & an LGBT-friendly friend!

For more info contact: kbbreivogel@waketech.edu

Fall 2017 Main Campus Schedule

Monthly Schedule:

1st, 2nd, and 4th Wednesdays
Meeting is in PLM 250 from 2:30 – 4:30pm

4th Wednesday
2-3pm – SGA Participation “before” regular meeting

3rd Week of the month – Let’s Have Fun!
Friday – time and place of the social activity will vary

Upcoming Events:
Wednesday 9/6 – Meeting (PLM 250)
Wednesday 9/13 – Paint Party (1-3pm behind SSB)
Thursday 9/21 – Facts and Snacks (Quad)
Friday 9/22 – Potluck and Movie (Location TBD)

JOIN US! Bring Yourself and a LGBT-Friendly Friend!

Wake Tech Alt Prom

Join Full Spectrum Wake Tech’s Gay-Straight Alliance for the 2nd Annual Wake Tech Alt Prom

Sat. 4/22
8-11:30 pm
At the UU Fellowship of Raleigh
3313 Wade Avenue (uufr.org)

For more info & FREE tickets contact:
Kim Breivogel kbbreivogel@waketech.edu Main, PLM 283
Fae Goodman fggoodman@waketech.edu Main, PLM 281
Omayra Cruz ocruz@waketech.edu North, NE 459
Sherria Ards slards@waketech.edu North, NB 253
Liz Schroeder erschroeder@waketech.edu Main, PLM 205
Matthew Henry mchenry@waketech.edu Main, ETB 321

Spring 2017 Schedule


Get Connected!

Get involved!

We meet 1st, 2nd & 3rd Wednesdays from 2-4 pm

1st Wed.- PLM 259 (club business, planning)

2nd & 3rd Wed.- PLM 250 (informal “hang-outs”)

Come on by!

Interested in leadership?

  • Leadership positions
  • Staffing events
  • Maintaining blog
  • Advertising events

Contact an advisor:

Omayra Cruz          ocruz@waketech.edu              North, NE 459

Sherria L. Ards         slards@waketech.edu               North, NB 253

Fae Goodman       fggoodman@waketech.edu    Main, PLM 281

Liz Schroeder          erschroeder@waketech.edu    Main, PLM 205

Matthew Henry       mchenry@waketech.edu         Main, ETB 321

Kim Breivogel           kbbreivogel@waketech.edu    Main, PLM 283


Fall 2016 Meeting Schedule


Below is our meeting schedule for this semester.  We will be using the time to get to know each other and plan for events later in the semester and next year.

Please come and join us!

Dates and Time:

  • September 12 (2-4)
  • October 10 (2-4)
  • November 14 (2-4)
  • December 12 (2-4)


  • North Campus NE 370 (All Dates)
  • Main Campus PLM 369 (September and October Meetings)
  • Main Campus PLM 220 (November and December Meetings)

How To Join!?!

Welcome Back!

If you are interested in joining Full Spectrum or staying up to date with our events/meetings, contact an Advisor about joining our Facebook page. We will be posting updates here on the blog and to our Facebook page soon, so make sure to reach out and join us!

1st Meet&Greet 10-23-12 001


Upcoming Events on Main Campus

Please join us for the following events:

  • In PLM 396 on Wednesday, 1/27 from 3-5pm for our start of the semester mixer. We will be planning, snacking, and conversing.
  • Behind PLM on Monday, Feb. 15 from noon-2pm for our Sidewalk Chalk event. Leave an encouraging/inspirational message on the sidewalk and learn more about the club and future events.


Upcoming Events (Fall 2015) and Advisor Info

Get Connected!

  • Request to join our closed FB Group (email an advisor)
  • Get involved!
When What Where
Thurs. 10/29,  1-3 pm Club Mixer & Officer recruitment event North campus, C  416
Tues.11/3,  2-4:30 pm Candice Cox lecture Main campus, TE 105 A


Interested in leadership?

  • Leadership positions
  • Staffing events
  • Maintaining blog
  • Advertising events

Contact an advisor:

Main Campus – Fae Goodman        fggoodman@waketech.edu

                            Kim Breivogel                kbbreivogel@waketech.edu

Liz Shroeder            ershroeder@waketech.edu

Matthew Henry        mchenry@waketech.edu

North Campus – Omayra Cruz          ocruz@waketech.edu