Allies on Campus

Ally Pledge

I believe Wake Tech should be a safe, supportive place for all students, regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity or expression.

This is why I have pledged to

  • Not use anti-LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender) language or slurs
  • Intervene, if I safely can, in situations where students are being harassed
  • Support efforts to make this and every school safe for all students.

Ally List

The following faculty and staff members have pledged to be support LGBTQ students and their allies at Wake Tech. To find an ally, look for the Safe Space sign. If you would like to become a faculty or staff ally, please contact the Full Spectrum advisors for more information.


Adult Education Center

Jacqueline Fernandez

Niia Herbert (College and Career Readiness Secretary), AEC 135

Traci James (College and Career Readiness Secretary), AEC 137

Lee Moose (ABE/GED Director), AEC 134

Billy Shaw (ABE Instructor)

Beltline Center

Susie Shire (Office Assistant Evening), BLTC 108

Health Sciences Campus

Linda Daniel (Biology Instructor), AHB 206

Diane Darden (Secretary), HS2 142

Deborah Farmer (Nursing Instructor), HS2 357

Linda Friend (Biology Instructor)

Alicia Hardy (Recruiter/Retention Specialist), HS2 138

Ronda Miller (Associate Professor of Nursing), HS2 317

Sidney Morris (Associate Professor of Radiography), HS2 232

Ashita Patel (Medical Laboratory Technology Instructor), AHB 332

Mohani Singh (Technical Assistant to the Dean), HS2 142

Terri Singleton (Patient Care Coordinator/Clinic Assistant), HS 229

Fessie Taylor (Health Sciences Evening Secretary), HS 423

Gina Valentine (Associate Professor of Nursing), HS2 350

Angela Washington (Professor of Radiography), HS2 233

Nikkiya White (Student Services Specialist), HS2 103


Main Campus

Michelle Blackmon (Fostering Bright Futures Program Coordinator), HO 131H

Courtney Boney (Career Development and Personal Enrichment Instructional Supervisor), Main Campus HO 131-17

Kim Breivogel (Associate Professor of Psychology) PLM 275

Jocelyn Buck (Health and Fitness Instructor), ECPE 102E

Sam Cacace (Psychology Instructor)

Dean Jackie Case (Dean of Library Services), LE 114

Jo Anne Clayton (Associate Professor of Sociology), PLM 265

Cathy Collie (Early Childhood Education Instructor), ECPE 111

Amy Compton (Psychology Instructor), PLM 271

Joseph Davis (Geology Instructor), BB 452

Karen Dawes (Associate Professor of Sociology), PLM 250

Forbes Dixon (Economics Instructor)

Laura Farkas (History Instructor)

Kimberly Filyaw (Accounting)

Tonya Forbes (Associate Vice President, Arts and Sciences), HO 134A

Chris Gandy (Assistant Professor of Philosophy), PLM 204J

Melanie Gnau (Librarian), LE 102

Kathleen Goldstein (Accounting)

Joe Haigler (Administrative Department Head, Humanities), PLM 204F

Julie Hayes (Computer Science Instructor), ETB 321B

Eileen Hemenway (Communications Instructor), PLM 157B

Carolyn Hicks Baggett (Student Success Counselor), SS 137-H

Linda Hill (Associate Professor of Humanities), PLM 204B

Randall Holste (Religion Instructor), PLM 204G

Nate Humphrey (Continuing Education Internal Auditor), HO 131P

Laura Ingram (English Instructor), PLM 362

Sam Isley (Accounting Professor/Associate Department Head), HO 108F

David Johnson (Advisor), SSB 121-13

Jerome Johnson (Associate Professor of Communications), PLM 157A

Michael Joyner (Associate Professor of English), PLM 368

Corey Kittrell (Philosophy Instructor), PLM 203

Andrea Lewton (Research Specialist), LE 40

Brandie Littlefield (Biology Instructor), TE 223

Pearl Luebke (Math Instructor), TE 101W

Diane Lodder (Program Coordinator, College Transfer Success)

Jessica MacNair (Outreach and Admissions Officer), SS 121-I

Ryan McCullough (Continuing Education Technical Assistant), HO 131J

Ana McKee-Schwenke (Associate Professor of Mathematics), TE 101R

Susanne Mistric (Distance Learning ILC Instructor/Coordinator), ILC 126

Rebecca Neagle (Dean of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences)

Mary Pearce (Associate Professor of Mathematics), TE 101T

Jacqueline Popp (Associate Professor of Sociology), PLM 263

Rachel Dawn Preston (Institutional Effectiveness Technical Assistant), LE 40

William Raney (Culinary Technology Instructor)

Steve Rogers (Business Services), PLM 245

Joan Romano (Math Instructor), TE 101W

Mary Schlieper (Math Instructor), TE 101Y

Liz Schroeder (Communications Instructor), PLM 157B

Laurel Schulert (EFL Instructor)

Karl Scoggins (History Instructor), PLM 207

Belle Sigal (Math Instructor), TE 101L

Julia Smith (Math Instructor), TE 101X

Narasimhan Sujatha (Associate Professor of Physics), TE 101F

Florianna Thompson (Professor of Early Childhood Education), ECPE 112

Amy Urzi (Secretary, Computer Technologies), ETB 321S

Kristen Wallingford (Sociology Instructor), PLM 263

Elizabeth Welch (English Instructor), PLM 360

Jean Marie Whaley (Music Instructor), PLM 157D

Laurie Williams (Public Services Librarian), LE 102B

Malorie Winters (Math Instructor), TE 101X

Matthew Henry (Network and Computer Technologies Instructor) ETB 321-Q


Northern Wake Campus

Tom Beaman (Anthropology Instructor), BE 359

Chuck Bunn (Professor of Accounting/Instructional Department Head), BD 447

Yvonne Burdick (College and Career Readiness)

Omayra Cruz (English Instructor), BE 459

Alex Deyneka (Art Instructor), BE 337

Laura Fiorelli-Crews (Communications Instructor)

Kevin Glendenning (Pre-Curriculum Instructor)

Geoff Harris (History Instructor), BE 353

Larry Johnson (English Instructor), BE 441

Paul Jones (Pre-Curriculum English Instructor)

Morgan Lennon (Math Instructor), BD 467

Elizabeth Lewis (English Department Head), BE 435

Victoria Livinski (Math Instructor), BD 475

Barry Malone (History Instructor), BE 359

Jennifer Mincey (Librarian), BB 248

Ksenija Mitrovich (Assistant Professor of EFL), BB 456

Rebecca Neagle (Dean of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences), BE 355

Win Neagle (English Instructor), BE 425

Gillian Norton (Psychology Instructor), BE 357

Paul Politte (Spanish Instructor), BE 465

Robin Rush

Kay Ruth (Associate Professor of Pre-Curriculum English), BB 348

Sara Rutzky (Geology Instructor), BB 452

Rhonda Stallings (Pre-Curriculum Instructor)

Paula Teander (Sociology Instructor), BE 287

Kristin Williams (Sociology Instructor), BE 357

Lori Woodruff (Advising), BA 219

Toinette Young (Lifelong Learning Coordinator), BD 361


Public Safety Education Campus

Tracey Callison (Campus Librarian), 1615A

Cathy White (Campus Police Technician), 1216

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