Transgender Day of Remembrance

Full Spectrum members will have a table with information about transgender people and the pervasiveness of hate crimes against transgender people on 11/19 from 11:00 am-3:00 pm on Wake Tech’s North Campus in the BE 2nd floor atrium. Please stop by to learn about and support your transgender classmates. Students on all campuses are also invited to wear a white ribbon and/or wear the name of a person killed in an anti-transgender hate crime.

On 11/20, please also consider attending the LGBT Center of Raleigh’s candlelight vigil at 6:00 pm and benefit variety show at 7:00, both in Durham.

Kicking Off 2014-2015

If you’re interested in getting involved with Full Spectrum, visit our table at the Student Activities Facts & Snacks event!

  • Main Campus: Wednesday 9/17, 11 am – 1 pm (PLM Courtyard)
  • North Campus: Friday 9/19, 11 am – 1 pm (BE Picnic Area)

We have many exciting events planned for the 2014-2015 year! We have the following events scheduled for fall semester (rooms to be announced) on Wednesdays at 3:00 pm:

  • October 15 (Main): Stonewall documentary and discussion
  • November 19 (North): Transgender Day of Remembrance
  • December 10 (Main): Pre-finals game day and discussion

Hope to see you there!

Meeting Minutes for 4/25 and 4/26

The End of the Year party is happening at The LGBT Center in downtown Raleigh, FRIDAY, MAY 10th from 3:30pm to 7pm.

Please email Amanda or Travis if you are bringing something! Let us know by Wednesday May 8th what you are contributing!

At the meetings, a discussion and planning committee has started for an Alternate Prom for next year.  If you are interested in being a part of Prom Committee, you MUST email or notify us by FRIDAY, MAY 10TH.  The committee is expected to meet and plan over the summer and will be monitored by an Officer.
If you are interested in an Officer position for next year, you MUST email or notify us by FRIDAY, MAY 10th.

Amanda will be emailing out the revised constitution and a link to vote on the changes soon. The constitution vote will also be due by Friday, May 10th. If you do not receive the email, contact Amanda for the constitution and survey link.

Things that are expected of an Officer:
•To meet over the summer with previous officers to plan for next year.
•To be able to create and send emails
•To communicate with Advisors and all other Officers promptly, efficiently, and respectfully.
•To be able to lead discussions and/or events and be there for majority of meetings and/or events.
•To be dedicated and make time for Officer meetings/conference calls outside of Full Spectrum’s meeting times.
•To connect and communicate with the other campuses as much as possible and/or as needed.
•To meet the code and mission of Full Spectrum.

Also, a topic was brought up after the question “What are some ways we can help the LGBTQ Community outside of WTCC?” A homeless safe space database was an idea for reaching out and being there for the community. If you would like to work on creating a database of safe spaces for homeless LGBTQ youth, come join the planning committee. There isn’t a deadline for this committee, however at a later date there will be.

Please contact Travis at or Amanda at for joining any committees, running for officers, or general questions/comments/concerns.

Thank you all for your time!

Meeting Minutes for April 11, 2013

Here are the minutes from Main Campus’ Meeting on April 11th. The bullet points are what was talked about during the meeting.

  • We had 13 members in attendance, 3 being advisors.
  • Advisors are going to meet with each other and discuss the proposed amendments to the constitution then contact officers. Officers will keep everyone up to date on what is going on with the possible changes
  • Amanda passed around a few “thank you” cards for the speakers of the event (Dr. Compton and Mr. Haigler).
  • Next on the Agenda was Elections for next semester. An email will be sent out  in the coming week explaining the officer duties and how to run and how elections will take place.
  • Full Spectrum (along with the advisors and speakers)  received a lot of positive feedback from the other faculty on campus and was really impressed with what went on during the event.  The personal stories of both Dr. Compton and Mr. Haigler were a compelling part of the speech. Things to improve on is to be more prepared, but overall it was a great success!

Upcoming Events

  • Day Of Silence is  April 19th and we as a club would like to participate with day of silence, more information coming soon. We will have alternative activity for people can not remain silent due to certain reasons (speeches, presentations), The club suggested wearing ribbons. We will have print cards to hand out if you want to participate in DOS, these cards tell people why you are being silent.
  • End of the Year Party: We have not set a date but the group discussed and thought May 10th or 11th would be a good day to have it. We also agreed that having the party at the LGBT Center of Raleigh is a great idea.
  • OUT RALEIGH is May 4th if anyone is interested in going or volunteering visit<> under the “get involved” tab.

Things to think about for Next Semester:

  • More Volunteer activities that give back to the community. WTCC has a food drive that is in desperate need of food and donations.  The meeting also discussed branching out to the community homeless shelters and other non profit areas around Raleigh.
  • Transgendered remembrance Day was a great success this year and we want to make it an recurring event at Full Spectrum.

If you couldn’t make the meeting and having any questions or comments about any of the topics listed above please email  me:

Travis L., Main Campus Coordinator

List of Affirming Faith Groups

Download a copy of the Affirming Faith Groups flyer distributed at the “Science, Religion, and Homosexuality” event and check out for more information: Affirming Faith Groups

Affirming Faith Groups

Speaker Event 4/3!

Full Spectrum is hosting a special event at Wake Tech, featuring two of our own, Dr. Amy Compton of Social Sciences and Joe Haigler of Humanities. Together, Dr. Compton and Mr. Haigler will educate us all about what the latest science has to teach us about sexual orientation and sexual identity, as well as how the major world religions are wrestling with the issues generated by those facts. There will be a question and answer period after the initial presentation and provided food and drink. Invite friends and spread the word!

What:  “The Intersection of Science, Religion, and Homosexuality”
Where: Northern Wake Campus BE 204 (auditorium)
When: Wednesday, April 3rd (4/3/13)  from 5:00 to 7:00 pm

Would you like to help out with this event? We need volunteers pronto! We need volunteers next week to hand out flyers during school hours to advertise the event. We also need volunteers to manage the food table during, before, and after the panel. Email or for further details on the event and for further details on volunteering.

Thank you, 

Travis L.
Main Campus Coordinator

Full Spectrum, 

There will be a Main Campus meeting on Thursday March 21st at  3pm in PLM 220.
We will be discussing the upcoming event, ” The Intersection of Science, Religion and Homosexuality.” Visit the link to the event here :

We will be discussing volunteer opportunities and promoting for the event above (hanging up and handing out flyers.) 

We look forward to seeing everyone there,

Travis L.
Main Campus Coordinator

February Full Spectrum Events

Main Campus Full Spectrum students will be meeting  Friday 8, 2013 at 2pm to 5pm to have a creative arts day. We will be located in the Library on the main campus (in one of the private rooms.) Feel free to bring your ideas and creativity to this meeting. We will be setting things up for the upcoming Sidewalk expression which will be on Monday, Feb. 25th from 11am-4pm.

We will try and meet each Friday at 2pm to do creative things and get ready for the Sidewalk expression. We would love to see you there and bring a friend. We will try and have snack provided for the day.

When:  Friday 8th, @ 2pm to 5pm  (and every Friday leading up to the 25th)

Where: Main Campus Library (in one of the private rooms, we will have signs).

Interested in Getting Involved in Full Spectrum?

Contact Amanda Rose ( or Travis Lewis (