Portfolio Critique presented by Julie Evans, Carla Osborne, and Leslie Solomon

Portfolio Critique presented by Julie Evans, Carla Osborne, and Leslie Solomon

On Tuesday, Feb 17th, Marsha Mills and the GDA team were given an opportunity to have their work critiqued by Julie Evans, and Carla Osborne, Wake Tech Advertising and Graphic Design Faculty as well as Leslie Solomon, Adjunct Instructor of Advertising and Graphic Design.

“This was a great opportunity” mentioned Lynette Williams. “I got some feedback and I’ll make some changes.”

Several students will be participating in the AIGA portfolio reviews, and many students are working on their final portfolios. This represented a good chance for students to put their work into the hands of experienced designers outside the classroom.

“I think we’ll be well prepared for the AIGA review this year,” added Club Faculty Member Marsha Mills. “We’ve got some strong candidates and they really seem to be listening. Some students were a little disappointed with what they heard, but that’s really what a critique is all about.”

Many students showed their resumes and business cards as well as their Leave-behinds as part of this review. Faculty member Tyler Dockery pulled aside a few students and asked them about their thoughts.

“Everything you present will be scrutinized,” said Stan Mallard. “If your resume is boring, you must be boring. If your business card is amateurish— Surprise, they’ll see you as an amateur. If your work isn’t good, you won’t be a good hire. We’re really pushing ourselves to stand out.”

“I want to get a good job. That means ensuring that every piece in my portfolio is as good as it can be. But when the interview is done, this leave-behind will hopefully keep me on their mind.” said Ashley DiFabrizio. “This AIGA portfolio review will be a great networking opportunity”.