Software Shortcuts with Stan Mallard, GDA President

Notes from today’s meeting

Thursday, September 3, 2015

Meet Your Elected Officials

Vice President: Cassie Kiser
Executive Assistant: Tyler Dockery
Treasurer: Cindy Hughey
Secretary: Bri French

As a part of today’s meeting, we brainstormed ideas for future meetings, workshops, fundraisers, and events. If you have ideas we haven’t mentioned here, please feel free to contact any GDA member directly.

Meeting Ideas:
– Illustrator Skills
– Tablet Skills
– Presentation Skills
– Portfolios
Workshop Ideas:
– Presentation Skills
– Freelance
– Framing/Matting
– Drawing Skills
– Creating Your Own Font
Fundraiser Ideas:
– Bring in vendors
– Chalk Art Contest
Event Ideas:
– Chalk Art Contest
– Portfolio Review/Showoff

Other materials discussed in the meeting included:

Program to build your own fonts:
– Fontographer: This is an old program for building fonts. Find information at:
and you can download a demo at:

Options for tablets:
– Wacom
– Intuos