Photoshop Tips and Tricks

Briana French gave the floor of the GDA meeting over to Carla Osborne. Carla Osborne presented Tips & Tricks for using photoshop in practical and professional matters. In addition to the dozen plus GDA members, one student who was new to the Graphic Designer’s Association came to see Carla’s presentation and chose to join based on the topics. After an hour of hands-on demonstration and a group project, Carla opened the floor to specific question and answer periods.

Students expressed an interest in a referesher on 3D features, and Carla Osborne was happy to oblige. She gave a short rundown on photoshop’s 3D abilities and how they could be best utilized. Several students complained about the ability of certain laptops and computers to be able to render 3D features. Carla then discussed the needs for dedicated video cards, recommendations by Adobe for the amount of RAM to have available to work with 3D renderings, and the importance of having Open GL (open graphics library) available.