It’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Good Afternoon folks!

In the helping professions, we attend to people facing challenges. And it’s not uncommon for a single user of Human Services to face a variety of challenges, which could include battling cancer or supporting a relative with cancer.

During this month, we should apply what we’ve been learning about displaying empathy and compassion to someone we know who has been affected by breast cancer. Whether it’s words of encouragement to a breast cancer survivor or lending an ear to hear about survivors’ struggles, your attention to them shows that they’re important and valued.

You could also donate to an organization focused on breast cancer, wear some pink clothing (fellas, show you’re secure in your manhood), participate in a breast cancer walk/run, advocate on behalf of breast cancer survivors or help create an awareness about breast cancer in some way.

As potential therapists and counselors, informing ourselves about this disease wouldn’t be a bad idea and is a way to honor breast cancer survivors this month. The information  would better equip us all for serving a breast cancer survivor we might encounter during our work.

‘Til next time… 

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