When the Conference Calls…

Helpers honing their craft

Helpers honing their craft

Mighty fine seeing y’all back here again! We’re about a week removed from our first conference of the semester – North Carolina’s Organization for Human Services Annual Conference. What an experience!

Organizers reported that nearly 200 people registered to attend the conference, which was held at Mitchell Community College in Statesville.

There were a variety of workshops, as indicated in the post below. Workshop presentations were carried out by experts in the Human Services field, many of whom are college instructors with years of practical experience.

Members of our group attended several workshops, and said they were reasonably satisfied with the quality. We also networked with helpers from across state.

In attendance were Treasurer John Smith, Secretary Erica Kennon, blogger Titan Barksdale and club member Eric Sepulveda. Faculty members in attendance were Human Services Department Head Tony Porrett and Instructor Terri Hamrick, who is also the club’s faculty advisor.

Perhaps the most novel topic at the conference was about a certification process for Human Services workers. Club members and faculty listened to presenters talk about a way Human Service workers can obtain additional credentials, certifying that they’ve met a standardized set of criteria as agreed upon by a national board of professionals. This really shows the evolution of Human Services as a profession. Most other professions, e.g. nurses, lawyers, general contractors, have board certifications.

The Human Services Club has no official stance on whether you should pursue the certification, but it’s probably not a bad idea to look into it. It is a bit pricey, however. As a club, were kinda frugal! But a few members expressed a strong interest in becoming certified.

Applicants have to pay about $200. And there’s a test involved. But the scoring will be less stringent on the first test because the certification process is in its formative stages.

Here’s a link to the Web page for the Southern Organization for Human Services. Information about the certification is here: http://www.sohse.org/ … just scroll down and follow the links to wherever you want to go.

Finally – phew – that wonderful pic leading off this post is of our memorable conference experience. It’s for your viewing pleasure. Please hold all applause until the end of this post. From left to right you see Secretary Erica Kennon, club member Eric Sepulveda, blogger Titan Barksdale, Instructor/Club Faculty Advisor Terri Hamrick and Treasurer John Smith.

Like a big family! I know…that’s kind of sappy.

There’s a meeting tonight 5 p.m. I’ll provide an update soon. You should be there. Room 419, Health Sciences campus.

We’ll see ya soon!

Oct. 29 Meeting Mintues

Missed our meeting last week?

You could have been a part of a strong spirit of helping and fellowship among club members. But there’s still time to join. Here’s an abbreviated play-by-play of what happened.

Human Services Club Meeting Minutes, Oct 29, 2009


Members Present:

Cynthia Brewer-Frank-Smith – Chairwoman
John M. Smith – Treasurer
Erica Kennon Secretary
Titan Barksdale – Club Blogger
Keverly Rider – Club Member
Terri Hamrick -Faculty Advisor

Convened: 5:05 p.m., Oct. 29
What:   North Carolina’s Organization for Human Services Annual Conference
Where: Mitchell Community College – Statesville, NC
Why & How: See description below

**On November 13, from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m., the Human Service Technology program will proudly host the North Carolina Organization for Human Services (NCOHS) annual conference. Keynote speaker is from the Center for Credentialing and will be speaking on the new CHSP (Certified Human Service Professional) credentialing process.
Tentative sessions include: Domestic Violence is Everybody’s Business, The Truth About Rape, Motivational Interviewing, Working with Latino Clients, Family and Adolescent Issues, Turning Left Brain Into Right Brain, Career Opportunities, North Carolina Substance Abuse, Professional Certification Board (Q&A), Recovery Panel, Autism (A Parent’s Perspective), Working with Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Questioning and Trans-gender Clients, Gangs and Gang Involvement.    **Information from Mitchell Community College’s Web site.
Club Members signed up to attend the conference and reviewed travel plans.
Job Fair

Club Member Keverly Rider suggested organizing a job fair especially for Human Services students. Members agreed  on the idea, and tentatively planned it for Spring 2010.

Charitable Initiative
Members decided to research various organizations to find a family that the club could sponsor for the Holiday season. Also, members discussed additional charitable activities.

Chairwoman Cynthia Brewer-Frank-Smith volunteered to inquire with Department of Social Services, Wake Interfaith and the Women’s Healing Place about families in need.

Treasurer John Smith volunteered to gather information about Toys 4 Tots and any coat drives the club could join.

SGA Representative

Secretary Erica Kennon expressed an interest in being the club’s SGA Representative. Faculty Advisor Terri Hamrick volunteered to gather information about the rep’s duties.

Next meeting: Nov. 19, 5 – 6 p.m. Rm. 419

Adjourned: 5:49 p.m., Oct. 29