Many Thanks!

Titan Barksdale & Diane Letsu pose by the club's trifold

So the Facts & Snacks event for Health Sciences was held last week in the student lounge and the Human Services Club was in the building! Not only were club members and prospective club members present, but they were helping people out, too!

Facts & Snacks is an annual event held by Student Government during fall and spring semesters to provide students with information about various clubs and majors on each campus. That information is displayed by their respective club members and degree candidates, who vie for a $75 prize for the best display among the participants.

Thanks to Eric Sepulveda, Diane Letsu and Jenny Stovall (who provided the lovely photo above) for participating in the event on behalf of the club, setting up and breaking down our table and staying the entire time (10 a.m. -1 p.m.)!  The aforementioned club representatives were courteous, professional and thorough while talking with high school and Wake Tech students about our club.

Thanks to Faculty Advisor Terri Hamrick and Dept. Head Tony Porrett for handling the administrative stuff!

Don’t know if we won the $75, but we presented a good view of Human Services and the club.  One of the students who stopped by sought to help a family member get off drugs and needed to be referred to an immediate resource for drug addiction treatment. What other organization could have provided her with that information but us?!

Hope to see y’all at the meeting this Thursday, Sept. 23 @ 5pm. Check your Human Services Review page and previous blog entries for more information.

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