Adding to the rolls…

Whoa! A whopping 12 students and faculty participated in the second meeting this year of the human services club, and before it was all said and done everyone paid their yearly membership dues.

If we keep things going at this rate, we won’t have enough space to hold all of the meeting participants! It’s a 50% increase in participation over the previous meeting.  Appreciate the interest, y’all, and I hope the level of participation continues to increase.

For all of those who missed the Sept. 23 meeting (shame on you, lol!) here’s a quick recap:

Meeting Convened –  5:10 pm

Members Present:


Titan Barksdale – Chairman

Gregg Mosley – Vice Chairman

John M. Smith – Treasurer

Terri Hamrick – Advisor


LaToya Mattews-Tripp

Doris Godley

Gary Conoly

Jenny Stovall

Tamara Ihenyen

Mary Jane Lusk

Wendi Wright

Sarah May



Advisor Terri Hamrick briefed the club about department news, saying department head Tony Porrett continues to lobby officials at four-year schools to accept HSE curriculum courses for transfer credit.

Human Services in the News

Club Member Sarah May updated the club about the latest news and efforts in the field and about the clients we’re likely to encounter. She presented an informative New York Times article about a Web based service aimed to provide healing for gay youth. The article is timely in light of the suicide of Rutgers student Tyler Clementi.

Here’s a link to the article Sarah presented.  Please read it.


Club Member Jane Lusk presented a draft of a questionnaire she created to determine what YOU want from US. A few suggestions were offered, and Jane is currently working on an addition or two. The questionnaire should be in students’ hands shortly and posted on Blackboard.

Fall Conference Update

Advisor Terri Hamrick provided a conference update.  Terri told members that paperwork needed to be submitted for an upcoming conference at South Piedmont Community College Nov. 12.

Several members gave notice of their intent to attend the conference, which is organized by the state’s organization for Human Services. The deadline for paperwork completion and mailing is Oct. 8. So if you haven’t talked to Terri and the deadline hasn’t passed, then contact her.

New Business/Budget Approval

Members unanimously approved a budget of nearly $1,000. Members submitted ideas about how the money should be used aside from standard expenditures such as conference scholarships and incidentals.

Club members Jane Lusk and Jenny Stovall suggested that the club create its own t-shirts, pens and/or key chains with a Human Services logo emblazoned on them. Sarah May would like some of the money to go for an outgoing breakfast reserved for graduating members.


Club Member Tamara Ihenyen volunteered to check out and return with details about a donut sale.

Meeting Adjourned – 6:13 p.m.

And congrats to our new SGA Representative, Jane Lusk!

Thanks to Tamara and Jane and all club members for volunteering for their respective duties and participating!

Look forward to seeing you at the next meeting!  Please read the information below:

Meeting Time: 5pm

Location: HSE Building, Room 418

Date: Thursday, Oct. 21

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