New Secretary, New Members…Same Mission

Another meeting has come and gone, and good work continues to be carried out by club members. Seven members and the club’s faculty advisor attended the past meeting Oct. 21.

Here are some quick highlights….We elected a new secretary. Congratulations to LaToya Mattews-Tripp who volunteered to take on the office. Thanks a lot! We want to extend a sincere thanks to past secretary Cheryl Bomar for her service.

We also honed in on a fundraiser – donuts or cell phone recycling. Next meeting we should decide. We’ll see y’all next time. And if you didn’t attend the last meeting, try to get to next one (Nov. 18, 5 p.m)… Got it? Good.  

Meeting Convened –  5:13 pm

Members Present:


Titan Barksdale – Chairman

Gregg Mosley – Vice Chairman

John M. Smith – Treasurer

Terri Hamrick – Advisor


LaToya Mattews-Tripp – Secretary Elect

Sarah May

Jenny Stovall

Wendi Wright


Advisor Terri Hamrick urged everyone to register for classes. “Do not hesitate,” Terri said. She also provided an overview about the HSE classes that would be offered and fielded questions about course descriptions. *Note: Registration for the traditional Spring Semester period has begun and continues until the Jan. 4*

Human Services in the News

Club Member Sarah May updated the club about the latest news that could affect people we’re likely to encounter professionally and personally. May presented information from USAToday about the military’s “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell”  practice coming to a halt. She also added a news description about a recent national effort by people to support gay teens by wearing the color purple.


Club Member Tamara Ihenyen gathered information from Krispy Kreme about a donut sale. Treasurer John M. Smith determined we could make as much as $300 for the club if we bought 50 boxes. Advisor Terri Hamrick presented an idea in which the club could raise money by collecting old cell phones and printer cartridges. Club Member Wendi Wright stressed the importance of promoting the fundraiser, especially if the club decided on the cell phone option. Terri said she would return to the next meeting with more information. Members decided to table the vote on a fundraiser until the upcoming meeting.

Club T-Shirts/Pens

Club member Jenny Stovall presented information about prices for club T-shirts and pens. Members reached a consensus that purchasing pens would be more economical, though T-shirts would be nice for members. Jenny volunteered to continue to search for the best screen printing and T-shirt prices.

Meeting Adjourned – 5:55 p.m.

…And welcome to our newest members Diane Letsu and Maury Smith!

Next Meeting

Meeting Time: 5pm

Location: HSE Building, Room 418

Date: Thursday, Nov. 18

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