Service Event: Dec. 3, S. Wilmington St. Shelter

Greetings folks! The semester is winding down, and I bet we’re all juggling plenty of academic and real world responsibilities. Thank you for your continued interest and participating during this busy, holiday season.

Mark your calendars for December 3rd. The Human Services Club will participate in a service event at the South Wilmington Street Shelter in Raleigh. Thanks to club members Jenny Stovall, Sarah May, Gregg Mosley and Doris Godley for volunteering to represent the club. So far we have five volunteers, but we could always use more. Feel free to respond to this blog and/or email Club Chair Titan Barksdale ( with your intent to serve.

(see Service Project heading below for additional details)

The outstanding support among members to participate in the service event was the highlight of the Nov. 18th meeting. Here is the play-by-play of the meeting in case you weren’t there. Hope to see you at the next meeting: Thursday, Dec. 2 @ 5pm.

Meeting Convened – 5:10 pm

Members Present:


Chairman – Titan Barksdale

Vice Chairman – Gregg Mosley

Advisor – Terri Hamrick


Club Member – Sarah May

Club Member – Doris Godley

(Prospective) Club Member – David Garcia

Department News

Club Advisor Terri Hamrick informed the club about budget cuts being considered for community colleges. She encouraged everyone to register early for upcoming semesters because the effect of the impending cuts could lead to a reduction in course offerings.

Human Services in the News

Club Member Sarah May summarized a New York Times article about health care providers increased sensitivity to patient issues. It appears as if primary care physicians – at least in certain areas – are taking a cue from Human Services practitioners and are taking more of a holistic approach to patient care, instead of focusing entirely on patients’ medical issues.


Slowly but surely we are getting more clarity about what fundraiser to pursue. Club Advisor Terri Hamrick updated the club with information she gathered about the cell phone recycling drive. She said that the club could get up to $30 per phone, depending on the model and condition of the phone. Before considering carrying out the drive campus-wide, trying it on a small scale could help gauge participation and whether the payout would be as advertised. Limiting the drive to HSE students on the health sciences campus would suffice for the test run. Expect to see information on the HSE Review Page about the department’s test run for the drive.

Additionally, Terri said she would attempt to set up a meeting with an Assistant Student Activities Coordinator to iron of the details of the postponed fish fry fundraiser.

Service Project

Club Members unanimously agreed to volunteer Dec. 3rd at the South Wilmington Street Shelter (1420 S. Wilmington St.) for the club’s service project. So far, the club has five members who said they intend to show up and volunteer. The volunteer duties will primarily consist of food prep and serving. It would be best if everyone showed up with their Wake Tech I.D.’s by 5:30 p.m. View the Web site on this link. (scroll to South Wilmington St. Shelter)

Meeting Adjourned – 5:40

Next Meeting

Meeting Time: 5pm

Location: HSE Building, Room 418

Date: Thursday, Dec. 2