Service with a Smile…

Seven club members and a guest helped serve dinner Dec. 3 to nearly 200 men at Raleigh’s South Wilmington Street Shelter as part of the club’s service activity.  There was 100 percent participation as everyone who expressed an interest to serve,  showed up at the shelter!

Big thanks to Vice Chair Gregg Mosley, Secretary LaToya Matthews-Tripp as well as club members Jenny Stovall, Sarah May, Maury Smith and Doris Godley. Clad in a plastic aprons and hair nets, members carried out their dinnertime duties.

Nearly all of the group’s ladies were assigned to prep work, feverishly chopping leafy green vegetables. They worked liked machines behind the serving line to prepare part of the meal for Dec. 4.

The remaining club members worked the serving line, greeting the men at the shelter with a warm smile, kind words and a hot meal.

Many of the men at the shelter expressed their gratitude. But we’re just as grateful – for the opportunity and the inner feeling of joy that comes from service.

Thanks to the folks at South Wilmington Street Shelter for being so receptive to our group. I’m sure we’ll be back!

It’s a Wrap…for the moment! A retrospective of the year…

The last meeting of the Human Services Club was held Dec. 2, but it’s only a holiday hiatus and club members will return next semester rejuvenated and ready to continue with service.

We’re wishing everyone safe and happy holidays!

We looked forward to the future as club members agreed on three goals for 2011: enhancing visibility, securing a speaker(s), gaining more meeting participation. After one of the most well attended meetings in recent memory early in the year, the meeting participation gradually dipped. We have to find ways to better involve more members.

We also attended a wonderful conference this year and laid the groundwork for as many as two fundraisers next semester.

Many thanks to all members – active and inactive. We encourage everyone to continue to push themselves in the coming semester to go beyond their usual level of participation. We all benefit in the end!

See y’all at the next meeting Jan. 20. @ 5 p.m.

Meeting Convened –  5:16 pm

Members Present:


Titan Barksdale – Chairman

Gregg Moseley – Vice Chairman

John Smith – Treasurer

LaToya Matthews-Tripp – Secretary

Terri Hamrick – Advisor


Sarah May

Jenny Stovall

Maury Smith

Doris Godley

David Garcia – (Prospective) Club Member

Department News

Club Advisor Terri Hamrick informed the club that there is some discussion about allowing Biology 110 to substitute for Biology 161, a requirement in our curriculum.

Human Services in the News

Club Member Sarah May summarized news reports about “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell” hitting snags in the legislature.  See more about a recent failure to repeal the policy.


The club came to consensus that we will start with the cell phone fundraiser early next semester, and the fish fry in April.

New Business

Club Members Jenny Stovall and Maury Smith volunteered to form the visibility committee – a group charged with enhancing the club’s presence on the campus. Jenny and Maury suggested updating the HSE information board and making flyers to advertise meetings. We look forward to their efforts!

Meeting Adjourned – 5:40

Next Meeting

Meeting Time: 5pm

Location: HSE Building, Room 418

Date: Thursday, Jan. 20