Service with a Smile…

Seven club members and a guest helped serve dinner Dec. 3 to nearly 200 men at Raleigh’s South Wilmington Street Shelter as part of the club’s service activity.  There was 100 percent participation as everyone who expressed an interest to serve,  showed up at the shelter!

Big thanks to Vice Chair Gregg Mosley, Secretary LaToya Matthews-Tripp as well as club members Jenny Stovall, Sarah May, Maury Smith and Doris Godley. Clad in a plastic aprons and hair nets, members carried out their dinnertime duties.

Nearly all of the group’s ladies were assigned to prep work, feverishly chopping leafy green vegetables. They worked liked machines behind the serving line to prepare part of the meal for Dec. 4.

The remaining club members worked the serving line, greeting the men at the shelter with a warm smile, kind words and a hot meal.

Many of the men at the shelter expressed their gratitude. But we’re just as grateful – for the opportunity and the inner feeling of joy that comes from service.

Thanks to the folks at South Wilmington Street Shelter for being so receptive to our group. I’m sure we’ll be back!

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