Looking Ahead, Gaining Interest

Here’s a quick hit post midway between meetings. If you missed it, last month’s meeting of the Human Services Club was held Jan. 20, and our next meeting is  little less than two weeks away on Feb. 17.

Hashim Hooks
joined the club with paid membership. Additionally, we welcomed prospective member Brittany Bynum, who plans to obtain full membership shortly.

But wait! We’re not finished, yet!  Jehan Balliet recently joined the club, attaining full membership status with dues paid. We welcome the new members and look forward to their contributions. Thank for your interest and desire to serve!

It’s always a pleasure, and a benefit to us all when Human Services students show interest and show up.

So, our last meeting was a bit of a review of where we left off during the final meeting of 2010: reemphasizing goals and a looking ahead.

See y’all at the next meeting Feb. 17 @ 5 p.m.

Meeting Convened

Members Present:

Titan Barksdale – Chairman
John Smith – Treasurer
LaToya Matthews-Tripp – Secretary
Terri Hamrick – Advisor

Jenny Stovall
Doris Godley
Hashim Hooks
Brittany Bynum
– (Prospective) Club Member

Department News
Club Advisor Terri Hamrick reminded the club about the tightening of the state budget and its potential adverse effects on Wake Tech. She also mentioned that there will be no Human Services classes offered in the summer.

Human Services in the News
Club Members got into a lively discussion about the recent Arizona shootings, and the need for helping professionals in such situations. The discussion shifted to the clinical treatment and stigmatization of the mentally ill, which the alleged gunman is believed to be, according to many news reports. There were also legitimate points made about the lack of funding for the mentally ill, the duty to warn doctrine and counseling victims. The Jan. 8 Tucson shooting spree killed six people and wounded another 13, including U.S. Rep. Gabrielle Giffords, MSNBC reports.

Treasurer’s Report
Treasurer John Smith provided an update about the club coffers, which are more than able to withstand expenditures for conference scholarships and other endeavors.

Treasurer John Smith and Club Advisor Terri Hamrick agreed to meet with a Student Activities Coordinator to discuss options for the much talked about and highly anticipated Fish Fry Fundraiser. Additionally, Club Member Doris Godley agreed to research the viability of a printer cartridge fundraiser, and what it would entail to get it going.

Other Business
Club visibility was reemphasized. Word of mouth is a powerful way to alert Human Services students that we’re here and active. Also, Secretary LaToya Matthews-Tripp volunteered to inquire about getting club news posted on one of the school’s electronic message signs.

Remember that if anyone wants to get a group together to volunteer at any time, outside of our scheduled service projects, then feel free to speak up and/or contact members.

See y’all next time!

Meeting Adjourned

Next Meeting
Meeting Time: 5pm
Location: HSE Building, Room 418
Date: Thursday, Feb. 17