Conferences, Fundraisers & Giveaways…Oh my!

There’s a lot to cover in this latest installment of the Human Services Club blog, so let’s get to it!

During the past Meeting March 24, the focus was on Spring Fling, Fundraising, club giveaways and the Upcoming REMBA Conference.

Several members volunteered to take on duties pertaining to all of those events, and we appreciate their efforts.

Treasurer John Smith presented a fundraiser idea, and will take the helm for its organization. Vice President Gregg Mosley and club members Jenny Stovall and Brittany Bynum have volunteered to help with Spring Fling.

There’s a lot going on as we move toward the end of the semester, so it’s important to communicate with one another to maximize the success of our efforts.

Meeting Convened – 5:05 pm

Members Present

Titan Barksdale –  Chairman
Gregg Mosley – Vice Chairman
John Smith – Treasurer
Terri Hamrick – Advisor

Jenny Stovall
Brittany Bynum
Jafar Rashed (Former/Prospective Member)
Doris Godley
Hashim Hooks

Department News
Club Advisor Terri Hamrick continued to stress registering in a timely manner. Early registration is April 4.

Human Services in the News
Club Secretary LaToya Matthews-Tripp provided a story about folks in Georgia fighting proposed legislation that appears to allow for profiling. It contains similar language to the bill in Arizona, which caused much controversy, though bill sponsors claim the aim is to curtail illegal immigration. See the story here.

Treasurer John Smith presented a fundraiser idea, which passed unanimously, that would entail club members selling $5 tickets to a special sale at Belk. Ticket purchasers get to receive deep discounts on Belk items, and the Human Services Club gets to keep all of the proceeds.

John and Club Member Jenny Stovall agreed to contact Wake Tech administrators to determine any conditions the club must meet before the fundraiser begins.

Conference Update

Six members (Chairman Titan Barksdale, Vice Chairman Gregg Mosley, Treasurer John Smith and club members Doris Godley, Brittany Bynum and Hashim Hooks) are scheduled to attend the NC A&T’s REMBA Conference.

Club Advisor Terri Hamrick said the deadline for all completed applications for those attending is Tuesday, March 29. In order to attend the conference at no cost, you must be a full, dues-paid member. The conference is April 14-15, and organizers want the applications to be received by April 1. Don’t delay! See information about the conference here.

Download the conference application via this link >>>> 5th Annual Conference Registration Form.

Pen Update
Club Member Jenny Stovall presented an idea that was pitched last year about buying pens bearing the name of the Human Services Club and Wake Tech. With research, she identified the same pen provider used by Wake Tech. The club would be able to buy hundreds of pen for a reasonable price. The idea was unanimously approved.

Club members agreed on the colors on the pen: blue and white. Club Advisor Terri Hamrick reminded members that a special form has to be completed and sent to administration. Form 58 can be downloaded by clicking this link >>> form58expauth and found here.  Jenny said she would begin to handle the procedural requirements to get the pens.

Spring Fling Logistics

Vice Chairman Gregg Mosley and  club members Jenny Stovall, and Brittany Bynum discussed their plans to meet and lead the club’s efforts to increase visibility at the Spring Fling on Main and North campuses.  Both events are from 11am-2pm. Main Campus is March 30 and North Campus is March 31.  All members and prospective members are invited to come out and provide support! Be on the lookout for emails detailing the plans.

SGA Representative Report
Our Student Government Association Representative Brittany Bynum presented a report about her attendance at a recent SGA meeting. She told club members to be mindful that additional funds could be requested from the SGA. She said she planned to attend her next scheduled meeting, which was March 25, and to provide another report.

Other Business/HSE Board

Club Member Jenny Stovall invited additional ideas for the club’s Bulletin Board in the lounge of the Health Sciences Building. Treasurer John Smith suggested that he add some photos that he took from past conferences. Additionally, Chairman Titan Barksdale requested that Jenny add the club’s mission statement to the board.

Meeting Adjourned: 5:55 p.m.

Next Meeting
Meeting Time: 5pm
Location: HSE Building, Room 418
Date: Thursday, April 21

It’s Conference Time!

Attending conferences has been a longstanding tradition of the Human Services Club. Well, thanks to Club Treasurer John Smith, we have a early view of what to expect at A&T’s annual REMBA Conference for aspiring helping professionals and workers in the field.

The Keynote Speakers are scheduled to be Actor Todd Bridges of Diff’rent Strokes fame (“Wut’chu talkin’ ’bout, Willis?”) and Barbara Akins (RN, BSN, FCN, CSAC‐R).

Please see the flyer attached. Below is a look at the schedule.

April 14, 2011 (12:00 noon‐8:00 PM)
Ethics Update: Dr. Michelle Maultsby, Rh.D, CRC
Counselor Supervision & LPC Requirements:
Ms. Christine Greene, LPC
Networking/Career Exhibition: Alcoholics Anonymous,
NC Problem Gambling Program, Easter Seals,
Goodwill, GTCC, and many more.

April 15, 2011 (9:00 AM‐5:30 PM)
Opening Speaker: Barbara Akins is the Director of Nursing for Detox Residential Treatment Facility, a consultant for behavioral health and substance abuse service providers and the co‐owner of Akins and Associates DWI Services.
Keynote Speaker: Todd Bridges is best known for roles as Willis Jackson on the hit sitcom “Diff’rent Strokes” and as Monk on “Everybody Hates Chris.”
16 Breakout sessions
Poster Sessions


Let’s go! We’ll discuss this at our next meeting March 24.

Official REMBA Conference Flyer 2011<<<<<(click to view)

Club Members step up to serve!

Sorry for the delay people! We’re in the thick of semester, and the schoolwork is pouring in. Despite all of our obligations (school, work, family), you all still make an effort to contribute. That was illustrated during our last meeting Feb. 17. We talked during the meeting about Spring Fling coming up, and how we would like to have some club visibility at that event. So four of our members volunteered to work the club’s table at Spring Fling.

A big thank you goes to Vice Chair Gregg Mosley,  Secretary LaToya Matthews-Tripp, Club Member Jenny Stovall and Club Member Brittany Bynum, who is now a full, dues-paid member! We’ll see you at Spring Fling.

Additionally, Congrats to Brittany Bynum, who is also the club’s new Student Government Representative. And a congrats to LaToya Matthews-Tripp for taking on the role of newswoman.

We appreciate their willingness to step up and serve!

Also, be on the lookout for the club’s board, which club members Maury Smith and Jenny Stovall have been diligently working on! It’s in the lounge area on the Health Sciences campus. A big thank you to both!

And a special acknowledgment goes to our Department Head Tony Porrett who is a member of the club, paying his dues earlier this year.

See y’all at the next meeting March 24 @ 5 p.m.

Meeting Convened

Members Present

Titan Barksdale –  Chairman
Gregg Mosley – Vice Chairman
LaToya Matthews –Tripp – Secretary
Terri Hamrick – Advisor

Jenny Stovall
Brittany Bynum
Hashim Hooks

+ Two prospective members

Department News
Club Advisor Terri Hamrick summarized a report in the National Association of Social Workers newsletter about a recent effort within the social work community to focus on students in two year colleges. She also emphasized registering in a timely manner. According to Wake Tech’s Academic Calendar, early registration is April 4.

Human Services in the News
Check out this story about the U.S. Government fighting homelessness among veterans.

Club Member Doris Godley research a printer cartridge fundraiser. She was unable to attend the meeting, but provided the information via email. Club members are still unsure about whether it would be the best option, and decided to table a vote on the matter.

New Business
Club Member Jenny Stovall provided an update about the club’s board. The board has photos of HSE staff and club members, and it also contains information about the curriculum.

Also, volunteers were secured for the Spring Fling Event. Club members agreed to set up a table at the North and Main campuses. Please click the link to see details about Spring Fling.

Lastly, we named a new newswoman: LaToya Matthews-Tripp. Club Member Sarah May is no longer able to serve in the position. We thank her for her service, and we’ll miss her contributions

Other Business
Club Member Jenny Stovall passed along information and materials concerning her volunteer experience at  a National Alliance on Mental Illness conference that featured materials packaged by Wake Tech Students, including Jenny.  She told about the inspiring stories she heard from presenters at the conference and encouraged us to remain mindful of the issues NAMI tackles.

Meeting Adjourned

Next Meeting
Meeting Time: 5pm
Location: HSE Building, Room 418
Date: Thursday, March 24