Club Members step up to serve!

Sorry for the delay people! We’re in the thick of semester, and the schoolwork is pouring in. Despite all of our obligations (school, work, family), you all still make an effort to contribute. That was illustrated during our last meeting Feb. 17. We talked during the meeting about Spring Fling coming up, and how we would like to have some club visibility at that event. So four of our members volunteered to work the club’s table at Spring Fling.

A big thank you goes to Vice Chair Gregg Mosley,  Secretary LaToya Matthews-Tripp, Club Member Jenny Stovall and Club Member Brittany Bynum, who is now a full, dues-paid member! We’ll see you at Spring Fling.

Additionally, Congrats to Brittany Bynum, who is also the club’s new Student Government Representative. And a congrats to LaToya Matthews-Tripp for taking on the role of newswoman.

We appreciate their willingness to step up and serve!

Also, be on the lookout for the club’s board, which club members Maury Smith and Jenny Stovall have been diligently working on! It’s in the lounge area on the Health Sciences campus. A big thank you to both!

And a special acknowledgment goes to our Department Head Tony Porrett who is a member of the club, paying his dues earlier this year.

See y’all at the next meeting March 24 @ 5 p.m.

Meeting Convened

Members Present

Titan Barksdale –  Chairman
Gregg Mosley – Vice Chairman
LaToya Matthews –Tripp – Secretary
Terri Hamrick – Advisor

Jenny Stovall
Brittany Bynum
Hashim Hooks

+ Two prospective members

Department News
Club Advisor Terri Hamrick summarized a report in the National Association of Social Workers newsletter about a recent effort within the social work community to focus on students in two year colleges. She also emphasized registering in a timely manner. According to Wake Tech’s Academic Calendar, early registration is April 4.

Human Services in the News
Check out this story about the U.S. Government fighting homelessness among veterans.

Club Member Doris Godley research a printer cartridge fundraiser. She was unable to attend the meeting, but provided the information via email. Club members are still unsure about whether it would be the best option, and decided to table a vote on the matter.

New Business
Club Member Jenny Stovall provided an update about the club’s board. The board has photos of HSE staff and club members, and it also contains information about the curriculum.

Also, volunteers were secured for the Spring Fling Event. Club members agreed to set up a table at the North and Main campuses. Please click the link to see details about Spring Fling.

Lastly, we named a new newswoman: LaToya Matthews-Tripp. Club Member Sarah May is no longer able to serve in the position. We thank her for her service, and we’ll miss her contributions

Other Business
Club Member Jenny Stovall passed along information and materials concerning her volunteer experience at  a National Alliance on Mental Illness conference that featured materials packaged by Wake Tech Students, including Jenny.  She told about the inspiring stories she heard from presenters at the conference and encouraged us to remain mindful of the issues NAMI tackles.

Meeting Adjourned

Next Meeting
Meeting Time: 5pm
Location: HSE Building, Room 418
Date: Thursday, March 24

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