New Semester, New Opportunity

Welcome back all! There’s a crisp feeling in the air as summer gives way to autumn, which means school is back in session!

I hope everyone enjoyed the summer, and is already hitting the books. And the new semester is accompanied by new opportunities for service and fellowship.

We’re looking to continue that service with the start of a new semester of work within the Human Services Club.  Thanks to everyone who attended the August meeting, our first of the year.

Readers, make sure you log on to your Blackboard site to view the meeting minutes, which were complied by Club Secretary Cheryl Bomar. You can find them on the Human Services Review Page.

This new semester for the club also brings new officers elected at our first meeting.  Here’s a rundown of names and positions:

Titan Barksdale – Chairman

Gregg Mosley – Vice Chairman

Cheryl Bomar – Secretary

John M. Smith – Treasurer

We’re appreciative of Sara May’s idea to update the club about Human Services related news and Jane Lusk’s willingness to take on treasurer duties if needed as well as her idea to enhance club visibility by passing out surveys about the club. We want to know what you want from us and how you want to help!

Also, we tip our hat to Jenny Stovall for creating an awareness of service opportunities and being a go-to member for those opportunities. And a nod goes to Vice Chair Gregg Moseley for focusing the discussion and getting everyone back on track.

The energy at the past meeting was palpable, and I hope we can maintain – even increase – that energy throughout the semester.

Stay tuned for more information about upcoming conferences we plan to attend and other club news. We encourage all Human Services students to join the club. It’s only $3 bucks!

For more information about club benefits, feel free to scroll down and read previous blog entries and check out this entry:

Look forward to seeing you at the next meeting!  Please read the information below:

Meeting Time: 5pm

Location: HSE Building, Room 418

Date: Thursday, Sept. 23

The Fish Fry is a Go!

The much-talked about Human Services Fish Fry is set to take place. I know your mouths are watering already, so get ready and come out to support the Human Services Club.

Here’s the rundown:

What: WTCC Human Services Club Fish Fry
Time: 9 a.m. – until
Date: April 24, 2010
Location: Southgate Shopping Center, Raleigh (Crosslink Rd.)
Plate Price: $7 (Fish and sides), $4.50 (Fish Only)
Type of Fish: Trout

Human Services Club Treasurer John M. Smith spearheaded the fish fry, and will serve as the primary cook. We appreciate John’s effort and enthusiasm.

As John says, “When you hear the fish sizzle in that cooker, you’re gonna buy a plate!” So, we look forward to as much support as possible – especially from Human Services Majors. Feel free to drop by, buy a plate and help serve.

Special kudos to Chairwoman Cynthia Brewer-Frank-Smith for her selfless goodwill by donating $20 each month to benefit St. Jude Children Hospital on behalf of the Human Services club. Thank you Cynthia! The club appreciates your heart for giving.

The Human Services Club recently had a meeting March 24. In case you missed it, here are a few notes:

Human Services Club Meeting Minutes, March 24, 2010

Convened: 5:10 p.m.

Members Present:

Cynthia Brewer-Frank-Smith – Chairwoman
John M. Smith – Treasurer
Erica Kennon – Secretary (w/ special guest)
Titan Barksdale – Club Blogger
Therese Vick – Club Member

Terri Hamrick -Faculty Advisor

Jane Lusk – Prospective Club Member
Jafar Rashed – Prospective Club Member
Wanda McClamb – Prospective Club Member


Fish Fry Duties
Secretary Erica Kennon said volunteered to make a sign for the fish fry. Club Blogger Titan Barksdale will make the flyers. Fish fry details were firmed up and costs revisited.

Faculty Advisor Terri Hamrick said she would handle any necessary paperwork college officials need to obtain authorization for the fish fry.

Faculty Advisor Terri Hamrick reminded all in attendance that the REMBA conference in Greensboro is on the horizon (April 15-16). Please see the previous post for additional information. Club members unanimously decided to set a deadline of April 1 for declaring conference participation. See Terri for details.

Service Projects
Much discussion continued about the club’s service project. Various members have look into possible outlets for the project, but schedule conflicts have made it difficult to decide on a project.

Club Member Therese Vick suggested the club should seek out NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Illness) for a possible service project. Therese volunteered to look into possibilities with NAMI.

New Members:
The club welcomes Therese Vick into the club as an official member. We look forward to your continued input and service.

The club also appreciates the interest of Jane Lusk, Jafar Rashed, Wanda McClamb. We hope to see you at future meetings.

We’ll see you next time!

Adjourned: 5:50 p.m.

New Semester News: Fundraiser Imminent

Welcome back folks! I know I’m a little overdue for my first post of the New Year. But the new semester hit me like a tidal wave, and I have just popped above the surface amid a flood of print outs, notes and reports! I hope you all are starting off with a good handle on your work, maintaining good organizational skills and attending classes regularly.

On behalf of the club, I also want to formally acknowledge the earthquake victims, survivors and relief workers in Haiti. A great deal of Human Services and Social Work related tasks are needed and are being carried out there. As prospective practitioners in Human Services fields, we should ask ourselves what type of services would be most relevant to help restore some sense of stability and security throughout that nation. Let’s keep all who have been affected in our thoughts.

Just in case you’ve missed it, we’ve had a few meetings since the start of the New Year. Our most recent meeting was well attended. Guess what?! We think we have a possible fundraising idea. Can you say fish fry?! What?! With all the fixins!  Is your mouth watering already? Should be.

We also continue to live up to our name as the Human Services Club, by donating money to our fellow students and professional workers. Please see the meeting notes below for further explanation.

Human Services Club Meeting Minutes, Feb. 04, 2010

Members Present:

Cynthia Brewer-Frank-Smith – Chairwoman
John M. Smith – Treasurer
Erica Kennon – Secretary
Titan Barksdale – Club Blogger
Eric Sepulveda – Club Member

Cynthia Brooks – Club Member
Terri Hamrick -Faculty Advisor


Convened: 5:05 p.m., Feb. 04


Faculty Advisor Terri Hamrick relayed an inquiry about using club funds to help pay partial conference fees for a group of Human Services students. The two-day conference began today in Pinehurst and focuses on Motivational Interviewing. Club members unanimously agreed to use club funds to help with payment, and two club members Eric Sepulveda and Chairwoman Cynthia Brewer-Frank-Smith expressed an interest in attending the conference.

Club members also informally decided that the Concord NCSOHSE conference was going to be a bit too pricey for the club to take on this year. But we will substitute our spring conference participation with the REMBA Conference.

What:   4th Annual North Carolina A&T State University’s REMBA Conference

Where: The Proximity Hotel, in Greensboro, NC

When: April 15-16, 2010

Why & How: See description below

REMBA conference or Rehabilitation of Racial & Ethnic Minorities with Behavioral Addictions will focus the theme of People, Innovation & Progress: Enhancing Addiction Services in Underrepresented Communities. See hyperlink above for additional details.

Additional Donations

Wake Tech will play host March 5 to a variety of Human Services professionals who are members of NCHOSE. Faculty Advisor Terri Hamrick asked whether the club would be willing to make a donation from its fund to help with refreshments. Club members Eric Sepulveda and Chairwoman Cynthia Brewer-Frank-Smith reminded everyone that helping is the essential nature of the group’s purpose. Members agreed to donate $50 toward the cause.


 Club Members Eric Sepulveda, Cynthia Brooks and Chairwoman Cynthia Brewer-Frank-Smith all offered wonderful ideas for fundraisers – an event that has been eluding the club for lack of agreement.

 But when it comes to ideas, Treasurer John M. Smith offered the granddaddy of them all – a fish fry. Smith was adamant about his ability to lead the organization of the fish fry, identifying and securing a location, handling the bulk of the frying, pricing all utensils and side items and returning with an estimate money needed to purchase them and hauling the items to and from the location.

 Club members unanimously decided to pursue Smith’s idea.

New Member


The Human services club is honored to welcome Cynthia Brooks into the fold. She paid her $3 membership dues before the meeting, and we look forward to her continued attendance and insight. Welcome Cynthia!

Adjourned: 5:55 p.m., Feb. 04

We’re not recession proof!

The semester has finally wrapped up, and I hope students earn grades that give them some satisfaction. Now we can – and should – take a breather during the holiday season because the next semester will be here before we know it.

During the break, there are a couple of topics club members will likely contemplate, and we would like you to do the same.


During our most recent meeting, the topic of going to the annual regional conference dominated the discussion. We discovered that the club doesn’t have enough money to pay for all of the members who have expressed an interest in attending the conference. We don’t want to be selective about who attends the conference based on club coffers . Please see the basic information about the conference below. Look for additional information about the conference as it approaches.

Event Organizers: Southern Organization for Human Services

Theme: Human Services: On the Fast Track

Date: April 7-10, 2010

Location: Embassy Suites Charlotte-Concord, NC

So, we discussed fundraisers at length, leaving no time for any discussion about pending issues. We brainstormed and kicked around ideas without reaching any consensus. We would like to hear ideas from you all. What fundraising ideas do you have? Ideally, the fundraiser would be conducive for a club that consists of students with families and jobs, could be completed in about two months and would generate enough money to cover as many as eight to ten members. Keep in mind the conference cost – about $300 per person, at least.

Conference Participation

We would like as many Human Services students as possible to have the opportunity to attend the conference, but we are faced with limitations. You must be a member of the club to be considered for any monetary aid.

So, join already! Aid will not be available to non-members. There are conference scholarships available through SOHS (Southern Organization for Human Services). To be considered for the SOHS scholarship, criteria have to be met such as SOHS membership, which costs $20. The SOHS Web site contains information about the scholarship and the conference (see link above).

Please be mindful of these issues over the break and into the early spring semester. There will likely be a deadline in February for students to reserve a conference spot, and seating in club-sponsored carpools will likely be limited.

Human Services Club Meeting Minutes, Nov. 19, 2009

Members Present:

Cynthia Brewer-Frank-Smith – Chairwoman
Mark Baker – Vice Chairman
John M. Smith – Treasurer
Erica Kennon – Secretary
Titan Barksdale – Club Blogger
Eric Sepulveda – Club Member
Terri Hamrick -Faculty Advisor

Convened: 5:00 p.m., Nov. 19


Club Member Eric Sepulveda presented an idea about selling vouchers for pizza. Vice-Chairman Mark Baker presented an idea about an alternate funding source. He said he would provide an update during the next meeting about the feasibility of pursing the source. A doughnut sale was also mentioned.

Discussion about the Southern Organization for Human Services annual conference in Concord.

Next meeting: Jan. 21, 2010 5 – 6 p.m. Rm. 419

Adjourned: 5:55 p.m., Nov. 19

When the Conference Calls…

Helpers honing their craft

Helpers honing their craft

Mighty fine seeing y’all back here again! We’re about a week removed from our first conference of the semester – North Carolina’s Organization for Human Services Annual Conference. What an experience!

Organizers reported that nearly 200 people registered to attend the conference, which was held at Mitchell Community College in Statesville.

There were a variety of workshops, as indicated in the post below. Workshop presentations were carried out by experts in the Human Services field, many of whom are college instructors with years of practical experience.

Members of our group attended several workshops, and said they were reasonably satisfied with the quality. We also networked with helpers from across state.

In attendance were Treasurer John Smith, Secretary Erica Kennon, blogger Titan Barksdale and club member Eric Sepulveda. Faculty members in attendance were Human Services Department Head Tony Porrett and Instructor Terri Hamrick, who is also the club’s faculty advisor.

Perhaps the most novel topic at the conference was about a certification process for Human Services workers. Club members and faculty listened to presenters talk about a way Human Service workers can obtain additional credentials, certifying that they’ve met a standardized set of criteria as agreed upon by a national board of professionals. This really shows the evolution of Human Services as a profession. Most other professions, e.g. nurses, lawyers, general contractors, have board certifications.

The Human Services Club has no official stance on whether you should pursue the certification, but it’s probably not a bad idea to look into it. It is a bit pricey, however. As a club, were kinda frugal! But a few members expressed a strong interest in becoming certified.

Applicants have to pay about $200. And there’s a test involved. But the scoring will be less stringent on the first test because the certification process is in its formative stages.

Here’s a link to the Web page for the Southern Organization for Human Services. Information about the certification is here: … just scroll down and follow the links to wherever you want to go.

Finally – phew – that wonderful pic leading off this post is of our memorable conference experience. It’s for your viewing pleasure. Please hold all applause until the end of this post. From left to right you see Secretary Erica Kennon, club member Eric Sepulveda, blogger Titan Barksdale, Instructor/Club Faculty Advisor Terri Hamrick and Treasurer John Smith.

Like a big family! I know…that’s kind of sappy.

There’s a meeting tonight 5 p.m. I’ll provide an update soon. You should be there. Room 419, Health Sciences campus.

We’ll see ya soon!

Oct. 29 Meeting Mintues

Missed our meeting last week?

You could have been a part of a strong spirit of helping and fellowship among club members. But there’s still time to join. Here’s an abbreviated play-by-play of what happened.

Human Services Club Meeting Minutes, Oct 29, 2009


Members Present:

Cynthia Brewer-Frank-Smith – Chairwoman
John M. Smith – Treasurer
Erica Kennon Secretary
Titan Barksdale – Club Blogger
Keverly Rider – Club Member
Terri Hamrick -Faculty Advisor

Convened: 5:05 p.m., Oct. 29
What:   North Carolina’s Organization for Human Services Annual Conference
Where: Mitchell Community College – Statesville, NC
Why & How: See description below

**On November 13, from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m., the Human Service Technology program will proudly host the North Carolina Organization for Human Services (NCOHS) annual conference. Keynote speaker is from the Center for Credentialing and will be speaking on the new CHSP (Certified Human Service Professional) credentialing process.
Tentative sessions include: Domestic Violence is Everybody’s Business, The Truth About Rape, Motivational Interviewing, Working with Latino Clients, Family and Adolescent Issues, Turning Left Brain Into Right Brain, Career Opportunities, North Carolina Substance Abuse, Professional Certification Board (Q&A), Recovery Panel, Autism (A Parent’s Perspective), Working with Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Questioning and Trans-gender Clients, Gangs and Gang Involvement.    **Information from Mitchell Community College’s Web site.
Club Members signed up to attend the conference and reviewed travel plans.
Job Fair

Club Member Keverly Rider suggested organizing a job fair especially for Human Services students. Members agreed  on the idea, and tentatively planned it for Spring 2010.

Charitable Initiative
Members decided to research various organizations to find a family that the club could sponsor for the Holiday season. Also, members discussed additional charitable activities.

Chairwoman Cynthia Brewer-Frank-Smith volunteered to inquire with Department of Social Services, Wake Interfaith and the Women’s Healing Place about families in need.

Treasurer John Smith volunteered to gather information about Toys 4 Tots and any coat drives the club could join.

SGA Representative

Secretary Erica Kennon expressed an interest in being the club’s SGA Representative. Faculty Advisor Terri Hamrick volunteered to gather information about the rep’s duties.

Next meeting: Nov. 19, 5 – 6 p.m. Rm. 419

Adjourned: 5:49 p.m., Oct. 29





It’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Good Afternoon folks!

In the helping professions, we attend to people facing challenges. And it’s not uncommon for a single user of Human Services to face a variety of challenges, which could include battling cancer or supporting a relative with cancer.

During this month, we should apply what we’ve been learning about displaying empathy and compassion to someone we know who has been affected by breast cancer. Whether it’s words of encouragement to a breast cancer survivor or lending an ear to hear about survivors’ struggles, your attention to them shows that they’re important and valued.

You could also donate to an organization focused on breast cancer, wear some pink clothing (fellas, show you’re secure in your manhood), participate in a breast cancer walk/run, advocate on behalf of breast cancer survivors or help create an awareness about breast cancer in some way.

As potential therapists and counselors, informing ourselves about this disease wouldn’t be a bad idea and is a way to honor breast cancer survivors this month. The information  would better equip us all for serving a breast cancer survivor we might encounter during our work.

‘Til next time… 

Club Benefits

Hear ye! Hear ye!

For students still undecided about joining the Human Services Club, then this is for you.

For the low, low price of $3, you get a variety of benefits. This year, we plan to offer members plenty.

Here are some of the advantages:

  • Discounted and Free Trips to Conferences for “Members Only”
  • Fellowship
  • Exclusive access to experts working in Human Services
  • Opportunities to serve the student body and local community
  • Resume Booster
  • Networking Opportunities

Meetings are usually scheduled at 5 p.m. on the last Thursday of the month in room 419.

You can talk with Instructor Terri Hamrick or comment on this post for additional information. I’ll be sure to get back to all comments in a timely manner.

I know you’ve been convinced.

We’ll see you soon.

We’re Baaaaaack!

Welcome back!

Once again, we have the buildings on the Health Sciences campus teeming with energy as we learn to be professional helpers.

And the start of this semester also means that the Human Services Club is back in action.
Have you joined, yet?

Well, in the spirit of President John F. Kennedy we want you to ask not what you can do for the Human Services Club, but what the Human Services Club can do for you.

Stay tuned for more information about what we provide.

With two meetings under our belt, we are moving right along. Officers were elected at our most recent meeting, which took place Sept. 24. The students elected are as follows:

Cynthia Brewer-Frank-Smith – Chairwoman

Mark Baker – Vice Chairman

John M. Smith – Treasurer

Erica Kennon – Secretary

Titan Barksdale – Club Blogger

And Instructor Terri Hamrick is the club’s faculty advisor.

There was a lot of brainstorming during the Sept. 24 meeting about future activities such as securing speakers working in Human Services, implementing fundraisers and traveling to conferences.

All of the club information, and much more, will be published here. Feel free to post comments about the content published. Questions, suggestions, corrections and talking points are welcome.

Thanks for reading.

We’ll see y’all soon. Remember: “It’s not about us, it’s about the clients!”