2015 NCMATYC Mathematics Competition Summary

Once again, Wake Tech has traveled to a mathematics competition and achieved impressive results! Here are the highlights:

Clive Ling from North Campus came in 2nd in the individual portion (40 question multiple-choice calculus test) with a score of 19!

The team from Main Campus came in 2nd in the team portion (10 rounds of pre-calculus problems) with a score of 53!

Wake Tech Main Campus came in 2nd overall with a school score of 48! (If you look in the trophy case on Main Campus you’ll find a big new trophy!)

This year there were 17 teams representing 9 different schools that participated in the competition. Here’s the participants from Wake Tech:

North Campus Sponsor: Tom Aydlett

North Campus Team: Clive Ling, Nelson Berrocales, Josh Beerel

Main Campus Sponsors: Pearl Cauley, Ryan Pescosolido

Main Campus Team: Joonho Choi, Monique Martone, Hunter Valentine, David (Tripp) Satterfield

There are also a few honorable mentions that should be noted:

The team from North Campus came in 4th in the team portion with a score of 47!

Joonho Choi from Main Campus correctly answered one of the extra “Challenge Questions” to win a prize (illustrated book for children about multiplication).

Hunter Valentine from Main Campus scored an 18 on the individual portion.

Here’s the full list of winners from each category:

Individual Portion:

1) N. Southwick from CPCC with a score of 22

2) Clive Ling from WT North with a score of 19

3) L. Woodley (didn’t catch her school) with a score of 18

4) V. Perez (didn’t catch his school) with a score of 18

Team Portion:

1) Forsyth Tech, Team 1, with a score of 57

2) Wake Tech Main Camus, with a score of 53

3) CPCC, with a score of 50


1) Forsyth Tech

2) Wake Tech Main Campus