Student Math League Results—Round 1

Holly Markovich , our SML coordinator, sent this out:

Our official results are now on the AMATYC/SML Scoreboard, and Wake Tech with a score of 92 is in 2nd Place in the Southeast Region behind Georgia Perimeter College.   Nationally, we are currently ranked 26th out of 186 schools that participated in Round 1.

Our team score of 92 is comprised of scores from the top five student scores.  These students and their scores ( in parenthesis )are our top five at Wake Tech.  Please congratulate them when you see themJ

1 – Collin Evans (19.5) and 5th individually in Southeast

2- Connor Rowe (19) and tied for 6th individually in the Southeast

3- Josh Murray (18) and tied for 8th individually in the Southeast

4- Sungwoong Lee (18) and tied for 8th individually in the Southeast

5- Chang Lee (17.5) and tied for 15th individually in the Southeast

We had 80 students participate in Round 1.   The second round for this academic year will be held in March.  More information to come in the new year.

Thank you so much for encouraging your students to participate in this event!


WTCC brought home high honors at the Third Annual NCMATYC Calculus Tournament!

Wake Tech had 13 students compete against 11 other schools from North Carolina and Georgia.

Main Campus students were Joe Black, Joseph Caswell, Megan Dew, Christian Di Lorenzo, George Boules, Mohammad Issa, Omar Saffouri and William Reese.  Their Sponsors were Beth Tsai and Pearl Cauley.

North Campus students were Jisub Kim, Clive Ling, William Finley, Thomas Krase and Jordan Kirchoff.  Their Sponsors were Alison Schubert and Tom Aydlett.

We are pleased to announce these results.

Individual Phase consisting of 40 Calculus questions:

Second place –   Omar Saffouri with a score of 24

Third place – Jisub Kim with a score of 22

Team Phase consisting of 10 rounds of questions:

Third place – Jisub Kim, Clive Line and Jordan Kirchoff with a score of 54

Fouthrth place – George Boules, Mohammad Issa, Omar Saffouri, and William Reese with a score of 53

Overall Rank by combining top individual scores and team score from each school/campus.

2nd place – WTCC Main Campus

3rd place – WTCC North Campus

It was a very interesting competition this year.  Catawba Valley took the top spot in each category.  WTCC’s Omar Saffouri actually tied for first place and lost the top spot during a sudden death.  Jisub Kim was tied for 3rd with another student and won his spot during the tie breaker event.  Overall rank is usually determined using the top three scores and the top team score from each school/campus.  North Campus’ top three scorers during the individual phase were Jisub Kim (22), Clive Ling (20) and William Finley (20).  Main Campus’ top three scorers were Omar Saffouri (24), Joseph Caswell (20) and Mohammad Issa (19).  When the final scores were totaled our North and Main Campuses were actually tied.  The judges had to go to the 5th individual score on the morning individual round to break the tie between our two campuses.  What an impressive statement about our school, the faculty, and our students!!!!

Please join me in congratulating them on a job well done!


University of North Georgia Calculus Tournament Results

The Wake Tech Eagles went down to Georgia and brought back an impressive FIRST PLACE OVERALL win at the Twentieth Annual Sophomore Level Mathematics Tournament held at the University of North Georgia in Gainesville on Saturday, April 5th.
Schools from across the Southeast were represented including ones from Alabama, Mississippi, Florida, and Georgia as well as 7 colleges from North Carolina.
We took 14 students from two of our campus locations.
Main Campus (in alphabetical order):  John Anderson, Joseph Caswell, Anta Diouf, Qurat Khan, Sungwoong Lee, Rushi Patel and Edzer Tessier.  Their sponsors were Beth Tsai and Holly Markovich.
North Campus (in alphabetical order):  Devon Harris, Nicholas Kleban, Jisub Kim, Prem Shah, Derrick Sprague and Diwash Thapa.  Their sponsors were Alison Schubert and Tom Aydlett.
WTCC dominated the event which has two parts.  The first part consists of a 40 question individual Calculus test.  The second part is a team competition.  We are pleased to announce the following results:

Part 1:  An individual 40-question Calculus test

1st place:  Prem Shah with a score of 27

2nd place:  Diwash Thapa with a score of 26

5th place:  John Anderson with a score of 24


Part 2:  Team Component

1st place:  Jisub Kim, Prem Shah,  and Nicholas Kleban with a score of 46

4th place:  John Anderson, Joseph Caswell, Qurat Khan and Sungwoong Lee with a score of 35

Our first place rank is determined by using the top three individual scores from our school in the morning part and our top team score in the afternoon.  As you can see from the results, it was a very tight race and drama ensued as WTCC participated in two nail-biting tie breaker events to earn the ranks above.  Rounding out the top 4 schools this year in overall rank were Georgia Perimeter College, Shelton State in Alabama and the University of North Georgia. 
WTCC is Number One!!!!
 We are sin^2(x) + cos^2(x)!!!! Go EAGLES!!!