By Laws









The name of this organization shall be Wake Technical Community College Association of Nursing Students, hereinafter referred to as WAKE TECH COMM COLLEGE ANS, a constituent association of the North Carolina Association of Nursing Students, Inc. and the National Student Nurses’ Association, Inc., and hereinafter referred to as NCANS and NSNA.





The purposes of the WAKE TECH COMMUNITY COLLEGE ANS are:


A.        To assume responsibility for contributing to nursing education in order to provide for the highest quality of health care.


B.        To provide programs representative of fundamental and current professional interest and concerns.


C.        To aid in the development of the whole person his/her professional role and his/her responsibilities for the health care of people of all walks of life.


The function of the WAKE TECH COMMUNITY COLLEGE ANS shall include the following:


A.        To have direct input into standards of nursing education and influence the education process.


B.        To influence health care, nursing education and practice through legislative activities as appropriate.


C.        To promote and encourage participation in community affairs and activities toward improved health care and the resolution of related social issues.


D.        To promote and encourage student participation in interdisciplinary activities.


E.         To promote and encourage recruitment efforts, participation in student activities, and educational opportunities regardless of a person’s race, color, creed, sex, lifestyle, national origin, age, or economic status.








A.        Membership to the WAKE TECH COM COLLEGE ANS is voluntary ad open to all students interested in the Nursing Program and currently enrolled at WAKE TECH COM COLLEGE.


B.        All members shall have voting rights and privileges of membership.


C.        The dues of the WAKE TECH COM COLLEGE ANS shall be $10.00.  The dues year shall be a period of twelve consecutive months.  Dues are renewed each year in the fall.


D.        Any member who fails to pay current dues shall forfeit all privileges of membership.


E.         For yearly recognition as a constituent of NCANS/NSNA, the WAKE TECH COM COLLEGE ANS must be composed of at least 10 members who are members of NCANS/NSNA.  Official application for NCANS/NSNA constituency status shall be submitted annually.




The officers of WAKE TECH COM COLLEGE ANS shall be President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Fund Raiser.


A.        Eligibility:


Persons who are full time nursing students, who have membership in the WAKE TECH COM COLLEGE ANS, and who are in the second through sixth term of the ADN program are eligible for the offices of President or Vice President.


Persons who are full time nursing students and who have membership in the WAKE TECH COM COLLEGE ANS and who are in the first through six term of the ADN program are eligible for the offices of Secretary, Treasurer, or Fund Raiser.


B.        Term of Office:


The term of office shall be one year from the adjournment of the annual meeting held to elect officers.  Should a vacancy occur in the office of President, the Vice President will fill the term of office.  Should a vacancy occur in the office of Vice President, Secretary, or Treasurer, the President may appoint a member to fill the term.


C.        Duties of Officers:


            1.         The President shall:


                        a.         Preside at all meetings of this association and the Executive Committee.

                        b.         Appoint special committees as needed.

                        c.         Perform all other duties pertaining to the office.

                        d.         Represent this association in all matters to NCANS and NSNA.


            2.         The Vice President shall:


a.         Assume the duties of the President in the absence or disability of President.

b.         Accede to the office of President in the event of a vacancy in the office.

c.         Be responsible for reviewing and making recommendations for change in the bylaws.

d.         Be responsible for program meetings of this association.

e.         Perform all other duties as assigned by the President.


            3.         The Secretary shall:


                        a.         Prepare the minutes of all meetings of the association.

                        b.         Keep records and conducts the general correspondence of the association.

                        c.         Perform all other duties as assigned by the President.


            4.         The Treasurer shall:


                        a.         Act as custodian of the association funds.

                        b.         Process the appropriate forms for purchases and reimbursements.

                        c.         Prepare the annual budget to be approved by the membership and submit                           to the WAKE TECH COM COLLEGE Dean of Student Services.


            5.         The Fund Raiser shall:


                        a.         Initiate ideas for fund raising activities.

                        b.         Oversee fund raising activities by i.e. organizing committees and being                               responsible for money collected.




A.        The annual election shall be held during the second month of the Fall Semester of each     year.  Membership shall be given notification at least three weeks in advance of the      meeting.


B.        After open nomination from the floor takes place, the election shall be by ballot.


C.        A majority vote shall elect.


D.        A tie vote shall be decided by a re-vote.






A.        Regular Meetings:


            Regular meetings shall be held by the association in a location and at a time established     in advance.  These meetings shall be held on a monthly basis.


B.        Quorum:


            A quorum at meetings shall consist of the President or Vice President and one other        officer and all those present and voting.


C.        Member Representative:


            1.         The voting body at meetings shall consist of the elected officers and those                                     members present and voting.

            2.         The privilege of making motions and voting shall be limited to the voting body.

            3.         A voting member shall have but one vote in any election or on any question.




A.        The Executive Committee shall consist of the elected officers and the faculty advisor(s).


B.        All the powers of the association are vested in and shall be exercised by the Executive      Committee during the interim between meetings of the association, except that the      Executive Committee shall not nullify nor modify any action taken by the general          membership.


C.        The Executive Committee shall not be responsible for any contract, claim or obligation of any kind incurred, or for any position taken by any officer or member unless the           Executive Committee authorized the same in writing.


D.        The duties of the Executive Committee include:


            1.         To prepare the agenda, budget, and other items as deemed necessary to present to                         the membership at regular or special meetings.

            2.         In case of emergency, the Executive Committee, providing the membership is        notified of these decisions at the next regular or special meeting, may                         make decisions.


E.         Meetings:


            1.         Regular meetings of the Executive Committee shall be held four times a year and deemed necessary by majority of the Executive Committee.

            2.         The President shall name the date, time, and place of any special Executive            Committee meetings.




A.        There shall be at least one but no more than two faculty advisors.


B.        A faculty advisor shall be a sustaining member of the WAKE TECH COM COLLEGE ANS but shall have no voting privileges.



C.        The faculty advisor (s) shall:


            1.         Be responsible for providing for the interchange of information between the           association and the faculty.

            2.         Serve as a resource person(s) consulting with the officers and members.

            3.         Attend meetings of the association and Executive Committee.

            4.         Be in communication with the NCANS Executive Consultant in order to maintain             relations with the NCANS Board of Directors.




The Executive Committee, at its discretion, shall establish committees deemed necessary to carry on the work of the association and determine the functions, terms, and membership of the committee.  A quorum for committee meetings shall be a majority of the members.




All meetings of the WAKE TECH COM COLLEGE ANS shall be conducted according to parliamentary law as set forth in Robert’s Rule of Order Newly Revised where the rule applies and are not in conflict with these bylaws.




A.        These bylaws may be amended at a regular or special meeting of the membership, by         those present and voting, providing notification is given to all members at least three weeks prior to the meeting.


B.        Only members of the WAKE TECH COM COLLEGE ANS shall submit proposed           amendments.


C.        Amendments shall be submitted in writing with a signature to the Executive Committee for review at least three weeks prior to the voting meeting.





Approved 4/90. 01/07

Amended  1/92, 6/93, 7/97, 9/99, 10/00 and 9/03.