Scholarship Showcase

Scholarship Showcase

Beta Alpha Zeta is proud to announce that four of our members have received scholarships this semester. Their achievements and hard work stand out as exemplary of PTK’s values, and they represent the best of what our chapter has to offer the Wake Tech student body.

Jemin Park

Jemin was awarded the Agarwal Foundation Scholarship, and he was also named a 2018 Coca-Cola Leaders of Promise Scholar. After graduating from Wake Tech, he hopes to transfer to UNC Chapel Hill and work towards a Computer Science and Economics degree. As for career aspirations, he wishes to continue developing his present work in business and videography.

Sabrina Lightfoot

Sabrina was awarded the Raleigh Professional Women’s Forum Scholarship. Her academic plans include earning an Associate in Arts at Wake Tech, and afterwards, she plans to transfer to NC State University to earn a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Sociology. She is considering pursuing a Masters in Arts as well. Her career goals are to either become a teacher of Sociology or a Guidance Counselor.

Douglas Hill –

Douglas was awarded the Temple Sloan Family Foundation Scholarship. He is currently working towards an Associate in Arts here at Wake Tech. His other academic goals are to obtain a double major in Anthropology and Geology, as well as to attend UNC Chapel Hill starting next fall. He ultimately intends to earn a master’s degree in either of the aforementioned fields. Career-wise, he would like to work at a science or history museum, specializing in public outreach and educational endeavors. He enjoys working with and educating youth and hopes to accomplish both of these aims in his future profession.

Emily Lamb

Emily was given the Cengage Unlimited Subscription Award. She is currently a dual-enrolled student, a homeschooler taking classes as a senior with the NC School of Science and Math as well as classes at Wake Tech. She plans to earn an Associate in Engineering and an Associate in Science. Upon graduation Spring 2019, she plans to major in Computer Science and/or Engineering from one of the schools she is currently applying to, such as NC State University and UNC Chapel Hill, before going on to graduate school to obtain a PhD related to software engineering. Her career goal is to be a software engineer, focused on solving grand challenges for engineering or science; she is most interested in researching the grand challenge to advance personalized learning through software.


Congratulations from all of us at Beta Alpha Zeta! We wish you all the best in your academic and professional careers and look forward to working alongside you this fall!

Notes on Scholarships:

Agarwal Foundation Scholarship – Awarded by the Wake Tech Foundation. Provides students $1,687.50 to assist financially in their academic pursuits.

Coca-Cola Leaders of Promise Scholar – Awarded by PTK. 200 awards of $1000 each to associate degree-pursuing members of PTK annually; 25 of these are reserved for active or former military members.

Raleigh Professional Woman’s Forum Scholarship – Awarded by the Wake Tech Foundation. Assists female students ages 35-50 in pursuit of a degree for career training/re-training with an award of $1,250.

Temple Sloan Family Foundation Scholarship – Awarded by the Wake Tech Foundation. Supports students’ training and education with an award of $1,500.

Cengage Unlimited Subscription Award – Awarded by PTK. Provides 1,000 students each year with a subscription to Cengage Unlimited, which allows access to all of Cengage’s digital academic resources.