North Campus Orientation Recap

Thursday, September 20th was a busy but enjoyable day for Beta Alpha Zeta! The North Campus Orientation was held in Room NE350, from 5:30 pm to 7:00 pm. Twenty-nine students who had received PTK emails were in attendance.

Chapter President Douglas Hill, along with Vice President of North Campus Jemin Park and Recording Secretary Kenan Dew, gave a Powerpoint presentation about various important aspects of our Honors Society. As Publicity Secretary, I also spoke about the benefits of being an active participant in PTK.

Faculty Advisor Ms. McCoy was present as well. She gave a short talk about PTK, and afterwards assisted students in obtaining their admission passcodes.

The attendees played icebreaker games and were also provided with refreshments. It was an event that not only informed our newest members about the society they are joining, but also allowed them to experience fellowship, one of PTK’s core values, in action.