About Us

SGA Exectutive Board 2018-2019

President – Jose Fabre Jr.

SGA President, more commonly known as Student Body President, presides over all Executive Board (EB) meetings and General Assembly meetings with assistance from the other EB members.  The SGA President also sits on the Wake Tech Board of Trustees as a non-voting member, and on the Collaborative Council.  Beyond the required duties, there will be many invitations to attend other meetings, events and conferences.

Vice President – Muinde Bull

The SGA Vice President’s role is to help lead the SGA on the path to increase students’ involvement and therefore increase academic success.  The VP assists the President in leading SGA meetings, following parliamentary procedures, and facilitating the professional development of all SGA members.  The Vice President also acts as the President in case of an emergency.

Public Information Officer – Karol Nguyen

The main responsibility of the Public Information Officer (PIO) is to share information about current campus news and events with the student body. In addition to holding weekly office hours, attending weekly SGA meetings, and working on special projects with the Executive Board, the PIO will chair the Public Information Committee, implement new marketing projects, and help operate campus social media.

Treasurer – Gael Mbolela

The duties of the Treasurer are to analyze requests for student organization funds, to keep track of the SGA financial status, and to act as the Committee Chair of all Finance Committee meetings where fund requests from student organizations will be discussed and voted on.

Secretary – Fawn Steinfurth

The duties of the SGA Secretary are to maintain permanent records of the SGA, serve as a recorder of minutes at all SGA meetings and prepare and distribute minutes at SGA meetings. The secretary also keeps a record of all motion cards and posts the General Assembly minutes on the Wake Tech SGA webpage.

SGA Senators 2018-2019

A Senator’s role is to serve as a liaison between the student body and the Student Government in order to represent the voices of the students. The Senate improves students’ Wake Tech experiences by listening to and supporting student needs, initiating action, and serving as a representative for students in the SGA General Assembly meetings.


SGA Eagle Productions 2018-2019

Eagle Productions (EP) is a student-run programming board responsible for creating, organizing, and implementing fun! They plan diverse, social and educational events for Wake Tech curriculum students. Past events include: Fall Fest, Spring Fling, Black History Month, and many more.