Fall 2017

Hello and welcome to the fall semester of 2017 with the Game Development Club!

We will be doing some new and familiar activities with our club this year. Our club is already hard at work in the concept phase of a 2D co-op beat-em up game that will be developed using GameMaker. Core gameplay mechanics and visual art styles are currently being fleshed out. Come out and see our progress in our weekly meetings. If you are interested, you can join in on the development of this game. Our club will also focus on learning about game development from industry and faculty speakers throughout the fall and spring semesters. Check back often to see what is new with our club and when speakers will be at our club meetings.

We still have game development club t-shirts available for purchase in a variety of sizes from last year if any one is interested. The shirts will be $5 each. Support and show your game development pride with this fun t-shirt. You can purchase a shirt at any of our weekly meetings. Please bring exact cash.

Our club meets on Wednesdays from 1-2pm in the Engineering and Technology Building on main campus. Come out to our meetings, help develop an interesting game, and learn more about game development!