Spring 2018

Welcome back to the spring semester with the Game Development Club!

Our meetings this spring of 2018 semester will be on Mondays from 1-2pm in building SE (previously ETB) 330 on South (previously Main) campus. Our college has renamed the buildings and the South campus as of this past semester so look out for the new signage.

The club will be meeting for the first time this semester on Monday 1/22 at 1pm. Come out and be a part of the game development club! The club will be discussing new ideas for potential games that can be created to showcase at this year’s East Coast Game Conference in April. At our first meeting, we will also have a representative from the local Global Game Jam that will be taking place on January 26th that will speak about this opportunity. Check back throughout this spring semester as we will have industry professionals speak to the game club again with our speaker series.a

If you have the time and interest in learning more about game development and even being part of a game development team and cycle, come out to our club. You do not have to come to every meeting to stay involved. Come and participate when you can!