Motion Capture Stage Visit at Epic Games

On Friday April 6th, the game development club had the opportunity to visit the motion capture stage at Epic Games. Jerry Gilland, motion capture technician, and Jim Lipscomb, motion capture animator were gracious enough to show us their process. Motion capture starts by recording the live actor motion and applying that information to 3D characters in MotionBuilder. Then this information is transformed into skeletal bone animation which is sent directly into their Unreal Engine. We were able to see the live action motion capture motion directly in their engine. We learned a lot about this process and had hands on experience with these tools.

Two of our very own students, Cole Martin and Andy Sublette suited up in the motion capture suits and performed a variety of actions that were recorded for motion capture animations. We have recorded raw animation files that can be used in student led projects. These two actors really enjoyed seeing their motions on 3D characters in the game engine.

Take a look at the pictures below for some of the fun we had at our visit.