The Game Development Club will continue our speaker series from video game industry professionals and Simulation and Game Development professors during the 1-2pm weekly meetings on Mondays in the spring of 2018. Come out and learn about these speakers’ experience, current work, and techniques for high quality game development assets and creation. Check back on our blog for when speakers will be coming to speak to the club.

The Student Government Association holds a monthly meeting with all of the clubs to discuss campus related events and opportunities that clubs have here on campus. They meet every 4th Wednesday at 2pm on each of the campuses. Those who are interested in attending the Student Government Association’s General Assembly meetings, here are the upcoming meetings that are planned:

1/24/2018     Main Campus SSB 215
2/28/2018     Main Campus SSB 215
3/28/2018     Main Campus PLM 220
4/25/2018     Main Campus PLM 220

Every year the East Coast Game Conference brings students and professionals together to discuss game development. This is a great opportunity for our students to learn more about game development and meet industry professionals. Our Game Development Club develops at least one game per year to display at this conference.

In 2018, the conference will be held from April 17-19th. Click the link below to visit the conference’s page.