Lucid Dream Presentation

On 3/11, Stacey Krug, client success director, at Lucid Dream VR/AR spoke to the game development club about their projects. Lucid Dream is based out of Durham, NC. They create virtual reality and augmented reality projects for a variety of clients. They focus more on serious games and simulations and showed really interesting projects that they have developed. You can find out more information about them at this link:

Lucid Dream

Stacey Krug can be reached at the following email address:

Here are a few images from her presentation.

Spring Semester 2019 Game Development Club Meetings

Welcome back to the spring semester. Our game development club will meet each Monday during the spring school semester, from 1-2pm in SE (previous ETB) 330 on South campus. Our first meeting of the spring semester will be on Monday 1/14. Come on out if you would like to learn more about game development techniques. Our meetings this spring will incorporate small groups of outside game development projects, industry and faculty speakers, and demonstrations of techniques to improve your workflow as a game artist, designer, or programmer.

Fall Semester 2018 Game Development Club Meetings

Welcome back to the fall semester of a new year. The game development club will meet on Mondays in the fall semester from 1-2pm in SE 330. Our first meeting will be on Monday 8/27. During this first meeting, we plan to discuss volunteers for the clubs officers, the Facts and Snacks, and ideas for potential games to be development throughout the fall semester in the club. We are working on bringing industry professionals to the club again during the fall semester so check back on the club blog for more information. Come out and learn, develop and enjoy game development with our club. Our club blog is at

Motion Capture Stage Visit at Epic Games

On Friday April 6th, the game development club had the opportunity to visit the motion capture stage at Epic Games. Jerry Gilland, motion capture technician, and Jim Lipscomb, motion capture animator were gracious enough to show us their process. Motion capture starts by recording the live actor motion and applying that information to 3D characters in MotionBuilder. Then this information is transformed into skeletal bone animation which is sent directly into their Unreal Engine. We were able to see the live action motion capture motion directly in their engine. We learned a lot about this process and had hands on experience with these tools.

Two of our very own students, Cole Martin and Andy Sublette suited up in the motion capture suits and performed a variety of actions that were recorded for motion capture animations. We have recorded raw animation files that can be used in student led projects. These two actors really enjoyed seeing their motions on 3D characters in the game engine.

Take a look at the pictures below for some of the fun we had at our visit.


Jerry Gilland Speaking to the Game Development Club on 3/1

Do you want to learn about motion capture in video games? Come listen to Jerry Gilland speak to the Game Development Club on 3/5 from 1-2pm.

Jerry Gilland is a motion capture technician at Epic Games. He has worked in motion capture and managed the motion capture studio there for 8 years. He is experienced in body capture, facial capture, data cleanup, and retargeting animations.

First Speaker of 2018: Ken Turner

Do you want to learn more about quality assurance and testing video games? Come listen to Ken Turner, assistant professor in Simulation and Game Development at Wake Tech, discuss his extensive experience at the next Game Development Club meeting. Ken will be speaking on Monday, February 12th from 1-2pm in SE 330.

Spring 2018

Welcome back to the spring semester with the Game Development Club!

Our meetings this spring of 2018 semester will be on Mondays from 1-2pm in building SE (previously ETB) 330 on South (previously Main) campus. Our college has renamed the buildings and the South campus as of this past semester so look out for the new signage.

The club will be meeting for the first time this semester on Monday 1/22 at 1pm. Come out and be a part of the game development club! The club will be discussing new ideas for potential games that can be created to showcase at this year’s East Coast Game Conference in April. At our first meeting, we will also have a representative from the local Global Game Jam that will be taking place on January 26th that will speak about this opportunity. Check back throughout this spring semester as we will have industry professionals speak to the game club again with our speaker series.a

If you have the time and interest in learning more about game development and even being part of a game development team and cycle, come out to our club. You do not have to come to every meeting to stay involved. Come and participate when you can!

Game Development Club Speaker Series

The Game Development Club is proud to announce a new speaker series from video game industry professionals and Simulation and Game Development professors during the 1-2pm weekly meetings starting in the fall of 2017. Come out and learn about these speakers’ experience, current work, and techniques for high quality game development assets and creation.

Our first speaker David Brossoie, senior artist at Mighty Rabbit studios, did a great job talking to our club about how he got into the game industry as an environment artist.

Our second speaker of this series will be on Wednesday October 18th. Dave West is the head of the 3D printing lab here at Wake Tech. He also has an extensive background in visual effects and animation. Come learn about 3D printing opportunities here at Wake Tech and how visual effects are created for cinematics and video games. Dave will be speaking from 1-2pm on Wednesday October 18th.

Fall 2017

Hello and welcome to the fall semester of 2017 with the Game Development Club!

We will be doing some new and familiar activities with our club this year. Our club is already hard at work in the concept phase of a 2D co-op beat-em up game that will be developed using GameMaker. Core gameplay mechanics and visual art styles are currently being fleshed out. Come out and see our progress in our weekly meetings. If you are interested, you can join in on the development of this game. Our club will also focus on learning about game development from industry and faculty speakers throughout the fall and spring semesters. Check back often to see what is new with our club and when speakers will be at our club meetings.

We still have game development club t-shirts available for purchase in a variety of sizes from last year if any one is interested. The shirts will be $5 each. Support and show your game development pride with this fun t-shirt. You can purchase a shirt at any of our weekly meetings. Please bring exact cash.

Our club meets on Wednesdays from 1-2pm in the Engineering and Technology Building on main campus. Come out to our meetings, help develop an interesting game, and learn more about game development!

Fall 2016 Current Game in Development

Buster Boom and the Halloween of Doom

Game Overview: Buster Boom and the Halloween of Doom has you playing a scrappy underdog who has to combat his way into saving Halloween! Buster’s friends have been transformed into the monsters they were wearing as a costume just moments before. Can Buster get through the hordes and break their curse?

This game is currently in development with the Unity game engine.

Current Concept Art:

busterboomconcept1 busterboomconcept2