About The Club

STATEMENT OF PURPOSE:  The purpose of the organization shall be to advance the sciences of anthropology, psychology and sociology on the Wake Tech campus to encourage and stimulate interest in the fields and provide information about the variety of career opportunities available.

Club members shall have opportunities to interact and learn with professionals in the field and be community service providers in their particular discipline of interest.

In the fall of 2011 various activities included:  presentations by well-known Forensic Psychiatrist, Dr. George Corvin; a local transgendered person, along with her husband, her mother and her in-laws; and lunch-time documentaries.

Prospective future activities include visits to Cherry Mental Hospital, Raleigh Central Prison and Women’s Prison, as well as other organizations that students may find educational; involvement in North Carolina Victim Assistance Organization (the organization itself and the 5K Walk on April 21) and other fundraising and volunteer opportunities.


This club is a STUDENT FACILITATED club.  The success of the club depends on YOU.


Main Campus Advisor:  Tom Beaman (tebeaman@waketech.edu) North Campus Advisor: Gillian Norton (ganorton@waketech.edu)