STATEMENT OF PURPOSE:  The purpose of the organization shall be to advance the sciences of anthropology, psychology and sociology on the Wake Tech campus to encourage and stimulate interest in the fields and provide information about the variety of career opportunities available.

Club members shall have opportunities to interact and learn with professionals in the field and be community service providers in their particular discipline of interest.

We have awesome discussion about social sciences education, careers, research and applications to our lives. Topics have included Neo-Diversity, Forensic Psychology and Anthropology, How to Have Difficult Conversations, your Brain in Love, and a visit to the Duke Lemur Center!  

This club is a STUDENT FACILITATED club.  The success of the club depends on YOU.

North Campus Advisors: Emily Shurtleff (EShurtleff@waketech.edu) and Claire McElvaney (cmcelvaney@waketech.edu)

 Main Campus Advisor:  Tom Beaman (tebeaman@waketech.edu)