Adorned – Threa Almontaser


By Threa Almontaser


I wear a perpetual mourning cloak

The cocoon melding with the suns shrieking heat overhead

Sealing my sticky wings and blinds eyes


Sometimes the cocoon doesn’t open

And the butterfly is left inside

Simply not strong enough to break through

Stuck in its own making, where birth turns into death


We wear it to keep us from seeing

But also from being seen

Never looked good in black

Not my color


I sway ample hips not fully masked by the shadowy silk


Like thumbing a pinky through a chain linked fence

Or teasing a dog with a bone just out of reach

Then flinching under his hand

And instantly hating myself for having the reaction of a victim


Turning left and up a bit

The dark night I wear on my head swooshing sympathetically

It’s hard to get a full view of the sky in all of its faraway glory

Of anything, really


Black film covers my world

But I can do it, a little at a time

A quick move of my head: Up and down, side and back

Taking small sips

Seeing the world in gasps

It’s so, so loud

The fluttering of my sticky wings, the trembling of my heart

Like an old song


Behind me, across the vast distances of space and time

From the long ago place I left

I think I hear music

But maybe it’s only an echo