1st Place: The Southern ‘Poe-Spective’: Edgar Allan Poe as a Southern Gothic Influence” by Amber Lee

2nd Place: Blood-Stained Ivory Pendants: An Apiculture Initiative to Save the Elephants” by Nicolle Lavertu

3rd Place: How the Dead Turn Up More than You Do” by Henrry Vivar-Gomez

Honorable Mentions:

The Crucial Piece Missing from Today’s Society” by Amy Hefner

Emily Grierson: Beyond Time and Sanity” by Arlena Rodriguez

Madness Personified in Charlotte Perkins Gilman’s ‘The Yellow Wallpaper’” by Arlena Rodriguez

What’s that Smell” by Claire Kinstle

Parasites, Poison, and Single Plant Crops: A Study of the Decline of the Honeybee” by Elissa Hays

Immortality Exists” by Emily Southard

The Assortment of Injuries Associated with Mixed Martial Arts Activities” by Griffin Stevens

The African American Point of View As Told By Langston Hughes” by Jamison Valentine

Wait, So Now They’re Complaining About Pockets?” by Katy Peachey

Janie Crawford’s Search for Adventure” by Mercy Hamilton

Wake Review Staff Submissions:

The Rise of Female Protagonists in Film: A Causal Analysis” by Madysen Rufener