1st Place: Red Wine and Cigarettes” by Kristina Ridder

2nd Place: Give me a Poem about the Human Condition” by Brooke Hyatt

3rd Place: Apologetically, Us” by Anonymous

Honorable Mentions:

#256256” by Chris Moon

Hourglass” by Eddie Roney

The Uninvited” by Estefany Palacios

Below Freezing” by Joey Pollock

Humanity Dearest” by Juan Alvarez

This Old House” by Kristian Brown

Colorless” by Kristina Ridder

The Lady of the Night” by Kyle Skaggs

Broken Red Barn” by Michael Walsh

Wake Review Staff Submissions:

A Stooping River Willow,” a Russian poem translated to English by Dean Furbish, Professor of Biology

Rise Up” by Anonymous

Pale Pink Roses” by Marlas Whitley

The Asphalt has Many Pretty Stones” by Marlas Whitley

Faculty Submissions:

Perpetual Tears” by April Colins, Business Services Assistant