1st Place: “The Trouble in Washington County” by Sarah Panico

2nd Place: “Tuesday Morning” by Foster Lingle

3rd Place: “Missing the Metro” by Foster Lingle

Honorable Mentions:

“Stay” by Alexandra Campbell

“The Dream” by Dylan Kennedy

“The Lie” by Dylan Kennedy

“Beings” by Isabelle Visocan

“The Boy” by Isabelle Visocan

“Monster” by Isabelle Visocan

“Masked Affair” by Isabelle Visocan

“And There Came Existence” by Isabelle Visocan

“Eternal” by Steven Taylor Tietgen

“The Spectacles of Society” by Nicole Solera

“Mary, Queen of Scots” by Samantha Townsend

“Empty Handed” by Paul Makowski

“City Swallows a Soul” by Foster Lingle

“A Walk” by Raven Thatcher

“The Tempest” by Raven Thatcher

Wake Review Staff Submissions:

“Silentium” by Rich Lesmeister and Dean Furbish

“Free” by Berna’ Kennedy

“The Diagnosis” by Berna’ Kennedy

“Alcoholism” by Jaime Oesterling

Faculty Submissions:

“Hamlet” by Boris Pasternak, translated by Dean Furbish

“A Dim Awareness” by George Cox

“To the Friend Whose Wait had Become Tiresome” by George Cox

“If it Wasn’t so Cliche” by George Cox