1st Place: “Wolf,” an animated short film by Ariana Shannon. To view the film, click the following link:

2nd Place: “Amy” by Sea Tong Veng

3rd Place: “Untitled” by Tiana Robinson

Honorable Mentions:

“Sweet Niece” by Dawn Renae Strickland

“The Twins” by Sydney Vaught Popo

“Who Dat Boi” by Sydney Vaught Popo

“Stems in Roses” by Lydia Wicklow

“Volkswagen” by Lydia Wicklow

“Jenna” by Breannan Kolb

“Vivien Leigh” by Heather Meeker

“Paradaiso” by Kimberly Acosta

Anonymous Submissions:

“Decades Down the Lens” by Anonymous

“The Body Odor” by Anonymous

Faculty Submissions:

“Wake Review Phone Logo” by Carla Osborne

Wake Review Staff Submissions:

“Untitled” by Jamie Hagwood

“Untitled 1” by Ginger Harrington

“Untitled 2” by Ginger Harrington

“Untitled 3” by Ginger Harrington