Submission Rules

We are currently accepting submissions, including short fiction, poetry, screenplays, non-fiction (essays, reviews, etc.), art, photography, performances, short films, and audio files in the following categories:

Photography & Multimedia Arts (Art, Songs, Films, Etc.)

Please see below for submission rules and guidelines. For any other questions, contact us using the contact page or email us at

Here is the Submission Form that you need to attach to each email along with your submission.

If you are an instructor submitting on behalf of a student, please attach the Teacher Submission Form to each email.

The submission deadline is midnight January 31, 2018.

General Submission Requirements and Information

  • Students must be enrolled in at least one credit hour in either the Fall or Spring semesters. This means if one transfers out in the Spring semester, he or she is still eligible to submit and be published if chosen.
  • Students are allowed up to five submissions total. You can submit multiple pieces in different categories (ex. three in photography, two in fiction).
  • Each submission should be emailed separately. Submissions and submission forms should be attached (not copied and pasted) and sent to from a valid Wake Tech email address.
  • Include the category for consideration in the subject line of the email.
  • Each submission should have a unique title. If you submit something like “Project 1” and “Project 2,” we will ask for a new title if your work is chosen for publication. Submissions without a proper title will be titled “Untitled.”
  • All work should be the property of the author or creator.
  • If you want your submission to be anonymous, email your work to Mandy Kelly at
  • You will receive a submission confirmation email. If you do not receive a response within 24-48 hours, please submit again.

Written Submission Requirements

(Fiction & Non-Fiction, Poetry)

  • The author’s name and the title of work should be on the first page.
  • Written works should not surpass the 3000 word maximum.
  • Fiction & Non-Fiction submissions should be in MLA format.
  • If the submission is an excerpt from a novel, please specify in both the submission form and the actual document (ex., ‘Excerpt from This is a Title’).
  • Poetry submissions should be in a basic font; however, spacing is up to the author due to creative purposes.
  • Submissions should be in Microsoft Word files such as .doc or .doc(x).
  • If applicable, all non-fiction essays should have a works cited page in the same document as the essay. The works cited page is not included in the 3000 word limit.

Multimedia Arts & Photography Requirements

(Songs, graphic design, art, photography)

  • Submissions should not surpass 4MB. The website does not allow anything higher.
  • All photographs should be attached to the email in .jpeg format.
  • Photographs should not have watermarks on them. This means we would not be able to publish them due to copyright laws.
  • Any videos of performances should be uploaded to YouTube. In the email, please attach a Microsoft Word document of the lyrics as well as the link to the video. If it is a video of simply playing an instrument without any lyrics, please thoroughly describe the video/piece of music in the submission form, including title and composer. If it is an original, feel free to attach the sheet music.
  • Any short films should be uploaded to YouTube if size allows; if not, email expressing concern. In the email, attach the script as well as the link to the video.
  • Pictures of any art (paintings, sculptures, etc.) should be of good quality and only encompass the item to be featured. If the quality is not up to standards, we will ask for a better picture if your submission is chosen for publication. If you do not have a way of taking a picture of the work or would prefer a better quality picture, email expressing concern and we will have somebody take a picture for the artist.
  • Graphic design submissions should be attached to the email in .jpeg format.