I Found Her Naked – Threa Almontaser

I Found Her Naked

By Threa Almontaser


I found her naked on the floor again at 3am

Staring out the window in fearful fascination

Sullied in a shroud of smoke

It glided like cursive through tasteless lips

Obscuring questions to a sky that never answered


Drip…drip… drip…


The sink jabbed into my torso

While my eyes squinted into remnants of a light that used to infuse her

A despondent sigh when I realized


It was just the reflective glow of her wedding ring

Too small now for the elegance of her fingers

Where plucked flower petal nails clutched at a drifting meal


My somnolent state was captivated

By an insignificant detail in the only thing she wore:

A rip in her black stockings right at the knee

Just the size of a nickel

Like a pink cloud drifting in outer space


Simply exhaling made her collarbones jut out like twin swords

Displaying the passage of her spine

Where the words pretty and famished had a romantic promenade down knobby steps

She swallowed the whole room with every harsh inhale

Because the place where her heart used to be was vacant

It shriveled up like a grape in the sun and fell so deep into the prominent cage of her ribs that

I couldn’t even smell it rotting


I gasped when Denial seized me by the hair and turned my gaze away

Yet Hope continued to smirk, whispering about the single thread

From the strings of yarn she had for bones

That possibly, maybe, miraculously

Got caught in her heart like in the Greek Minotaur legend


At church later that evening

After the eggs and toast had grown stale and soggy in the sink

She moved her head left and up

Gulping down the setting sun and tasting its colors

Savoring the raw purples and oranges that poured onto the asphalt’s puddles

Melting deliciously into the town


A bit of leftover sun spilled onto her head, placing stars in her hair

As if in silent agreement that looks were everything