2019-2020 Student Ambassadors

Baylee Porter

My name is Baylee Porter and I was born and raised in Johnston County, NC. My hobbies include teaching gymnastics, volunteering as a children’s church leader, and always drinking an iced caramel latte with extra caramel. I’m currently enrolled as a Pre-Nursing student in hopes of enrolling in Wake Tech’s Nursing Program. My future aspiration is to work as a Pediatric Oncology Nurse.

Brian Yi

My name is Brian Yi I born in South Korea but grew up in Fayetteville, NC.  I’m currently completing my Associates in Science and plan to pursue a Bachelor’s Degree in Biology. Some of my hobbies include photography, drinking bubble tea, and playing the guitar and drums for my church. I hope to eventually attend medical school and work in under served areas where access to medical care is limited.

Chapin Reil

Hi! My name is Chapin Reil I was born in Glasgow, Scotland and I’ve spent the majority of my life in North Carolina. I’m in my second year at Wake Tech and planning on completing my Associate Arts degree by the end of Spring 2020. I plan to transfer to a four year school where I will pursue a major in Theater. Outside of school I participate in theater productions around the triangle. My hobbies include improv, photography and filmmaking. I have participated in 48 hour film festivals and received recognition for my work. I’m incredibly excited to be a Student Ambassador for Wake Tech and the opportunities it provides.

Christopher Jean-Baptiste

My name is Christopher Jean Baptiste. I am a second-year student at Wake Tech pursuing an Associate of Science degree. Once I am finished with community college, I would like to go to the school of Textiles at NC State University to get a degree in Fashion and Textile Design. After college, my goal is to move somewhere like Southern California or New York; hotspots of the fashion industry, and start a clothing line which could fall under the category of “high fashion.”

Darbi Adcox

My name is Darbi Adcox and I have been a lifetime resident of Apex, North Carolina. I am currently a student at Wake Tech seeking my Associate’s in Science. After I complete this degree, I hope to go on to pursue a bachelor’s degree in food science at N.C. State University. While I am an animal lover as a whole, I have a particular weakness for cats. I also adore gardening, and my favorite plants to care for are succulents. Other hobbies of mine include writing, drawing, reading, daydreaming, and napping. While I am pursuing a career in science through my degree, it is also a dream of mine to perhaps be able to turn my writing or artwork into a source of income on the side as well. Baking and cooking are also hobbies of mine, and they are what inspired me to want to go into my chosen field of study.

Hunter Wagner

I’m Hunter Wagner and I’m from Cary North Carolina. I’m in my second year at Wake Tech working towards my Associates in Science degree. After my time at Wake Tech, my goal is to transfer to NC State and study biology with a minor in criminology. In the long term, I want to work in law enforcement. My hobbies include: playing the guitar, camping, and woodworking.

Ian McDonald

My Name is Ian McDonald. I am currently enrolled in the Associate in Arts (AA) program at Wake Tech and my goal is to transfer to NC State to continue my education. I plan to major in Elementary Education (concentrated in STEM) and become a teacher. Some of my goals while at Wake Tech are to meet plenty of new people and help new students feel welcome as they join our community at Wake Tech. If I’m not at school, you will most likely find me watching or playing soccer with my friends. It’s something that I have always been passionate about and I believe it creates special connections among people. Along with soccer, I love to travel to new places and familiar, such as my hometown of Redmond, Washington. I look forward to seeing and meeting you all around campus!

Jonathan McMahel

My name is Johnathan McMahel. In the summer of 2018 I moved back to my hometown of Wake Forest, NC after finishing my term of enlistment with the United States Air Force. My insatiable curiosity and desire to understand the way things work led me to enroll in the Associate of Engineering and Associate of Science degree programs at Wake Tech in the fall of 2018. I envision myself working with future technology to contribute to computer systems and public policies increasing the sustainability of global resource usage. After I graduate from Wake Tech, I plan to earn a Bachelor’s in Computer Engineering at North Carolina State University. When I’m not studying, I enjoy experimenting with the Raspberry Pi and repairing mobile electronics. I love music and going to see my favorite bands perform in concert as well as discovering new bands to add to my ever-growing list of favorites. Having spent the past year as a student at the Scott Northern Wake campus, I feel incredibly honored to serve as a Student Ambassador this year and look forward to building new relationships that will flourish long after I have finished my time here at Wake Technical Community College.

Joseph (Joey) Bastante

My name is Joey Bastante. I was born in New Jersey, but have lived in Cary since 2010. Some of my hobbies include sailing at the coast with my friends and skateboarding. I plan to graduate Wake Tech with an associate of arts degree. Long term, my goal is to transfer to NC State to get my bachelors in accounting.

Justin Norris

My name is Justin Norris and I’m sophomore at Wake Tech. I’m originally from Wake Forest, North Carolina. Some of my favorite activities include reading, long distance running, and studying other languages. I am currently pursuing an associates in science and working to become certified to teach English overseas. Long term I want to work and continue my studies in Italy.

Alyssa (Katherine) Coker

My name is Alyssa Coker, I was born and raised in Vero Beach, FL and moved to Raleigh about 10 years ago. I’m enrolled in the Associate of Engineering Program with the intent to transfer to NC State’s Chemical Engineering program. Eventually, I would like to obtain a master’s degree at Wake Forest’s Regenerative Medicine program to research 3D printing organs via stem cells. Outside of school, I love to enjoy the great outdoors. I love to go camping, take long hikes, go surfing, etc. My most memorable experiences thus far include skydiving and traveling to Chile to view a solar eclipse at the Gemini Observatory.

Maab Aldulimy

My name is Maab Aldulimy and I’m an ambitious Iraqi refugee and a first-generation college student. I presently reside in Cary, NC. When I’m not representing the college you can find me studying calculus in the campus library. I’m currently pursuing a major in Biomedical engineering and hope to combine the knowledge of engineering and medicine to advance our current understanding of Cancer Cells. In my free time, I enjoy spending time with my family and friends, volunteering at festivals, and diving into the world of fantasy books.

Melaine Viso-Rodriguez

My name is Melanie Viso, and I was born and raised in Lima, Peru. I am currently pursuing an Associate in Arts Degree. I plan on transferring to UNC Chapel Hill to obtain a Bachelor’s Degree in Global Studies. One of my long-term goals is completing the multiple steps that will allow me to become a lawyer. Also, I absolutely love watching movies and reading books because they tell different stories.

Robert Bridges

My name is Robert Bridges and I’m studying engineering here at Wake Technical Community College. I plan to transfer to NC State’s computer science program and pursue an accelerated Master’s degree with a focus on security and cryptography. Outside of school I spend my time reading, writing, and programming.

Samantha Burg

My name is Samantha Burg, I was originally born in Pensacola, Florida and after that I moved around a lot because my father was in the Marines. However, my family and I eventually settled down in Wake Forest, NC, and I have lived there ever since. I am pursuing an Associates of Arts degree here at Wake Tech, but when I transfer I want to major in Political Science and minor in Spanish. After my bachelor’s, I want to go to Law School and study criminal or environmental law. In my spare time I enjoy playing my guitar, reading any book I can get my hands on, watching movies, and listening to R&B music.

Shaniek Wiltshier

My name is Shaniek Wiltshier. I am a Jamaican national who moved to the United States in the year 2018. I currently reside in the town of Fuquay Varina. My hobbies include reading, singing and cooking. I am currently pursuing an Associates in Arts and Science degree. I plan to transfer to UNC Chapel Hill where I will study Computer Science and Economics. My ultimate goal is to build my own software company and to attain my Doctor of Jurisprudence degree in Business Law.

Supratik Banerjee

My name is Supratik and I am from the beautiful island nation of Singapore.  I am currently pursuing the Associate in Science transfer program at Wake Tech and I plan on transferring to the University of California Berkeley to obtain my Bachelors in the field of Computer Science and Mathematics. During my free time, I like to read/listen to audiobooks and volunteer. I hope to join the amazing team of software developers and data scientists in Silicon Valley one day to contribute to the ever evolving virtual world.

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