CANstruction Build Day! April 1st! Additional Volunteer Opportunity!

Our build is on FRIDAY! YAY!!!!! I am including a link to volunteer with the evening event that is open to the public and the whole thing is going to be a blast!

To be clear! This is not part of the AIAS activity! This is us supporting the AIA Triangle who helps us maintain our official chapter membership by being our sponsors. Participation in ANY part of the canstruction day is an excellent resume-building opportunity and an excellent networking opportunity!

Please help make this amazing CAN-raiser happen!

Final Model Mouse Model ( The Final MMM)

Volunteer Sign Up Sheet:

We have 6 Build Locations and 7 Builds.  We need volunteers to sign up to man the table at each build locations and at check-in to the Gala.  We have the potential for around 48 volunteers.
Free T-Shirts, drinks and food to all volunteers!
Responsibilities of Build Site volunteers are to Check IDs and give out cups for beer (help those who have never used a keg), Give stickers and balloons to kids!, Stamp Scavenger Hunt cards and help them find the next build.  Tell them to bring their fully stamped Card to the Gala for free drinks and food!  Manage CE Sign-In Sheet. Be a resource about CANstruction and AIA Triangle.
Responsibilities of Gala Location Check-In Volunteers is to give out drink tickets to Sponsors, Teams, and Volunteers (list will be provided).  Give Drink tickets to those with fully stamped Scavenger Hunt Card.  Give out Door Prize tickets to all attendees!  Manage CE sign-in Sheet.
Easy Peezy Fun Time! 

Calling All Members!

Hello everyone,

Brooke here! We need YOU to represent our organization during our Art Auction Fundraiser. It is an exciting event on February 5th that will showcase local artists and designers and the pieces will feature the fantastic beauty of architecture. The event’s goal is to raise funds for our chapter to do things throughout the year. This can include dues to AIAS National, trips, lunch & learns, CANstruction and other things that we sponsor.

What you need to do is commit to attending and “working the door” for part of the event. Your role will be to mix and mingle with the guests and educate them about Wake Tech Architecture Technology program and our AIAS chapter. Now, I don’t want anyone to be intimidated by this. You won’t be there by yourself and you are the expert about this – it’s what YOU do! Plus we will give you some talking points that you can jump to if you need to.

I have the flier below, but if anyone has questions about this, there will be a meeting soon or you can leave a comment on this post. – Brooke – Katelyn – Caleb

Art Auction Flier 2

Happy Break!

Hello all,

I hope you have been enjoying a well deserved semester break and are resting up to come into the spring semester! I have been enjoying family time and learning so much at my internship with Hazen and Sawyer.

For those who are interested in pursuing licensure, I would like you to know where to access the information about recording your IDP hours. Here is a link to NCARB’s website, it tells you all about how to get started in registering and documenting your hours. I am still learning about a lot of these things, too, but if you have questions please come see me and we can find the answers together.

Trip go-ers: We will begin having trip meetings (separate from our general meetings) in the early spring. As of today, there is 12 weeks until the Chicago trip. I have lots of information for that first trip meeting, so please make every effort to attend. (date tbd)

Speaking of meetings… we will be changing the time/day of the regular meetings (click here). When you click on the link, it will take you to a Doodle webpage where you can vote for which time(s) work best for you. I apologize for the limited availability, but hopefully we can find a time that works smoothly for everyone. 🙂 Please vote before the beginning of the semester so we can accommodate as many members as possible.

Have a happy new year!

Brooke Grayson
Wake Tech AIAS, President