October 2, 2013 Meeting Minutes

Wake Tech Architecture Club

Minutes For:

October 2, 2013

Meeting started at 12:15




Review of Snacks and Facts and park build


Yardsale set for 26th

-Previous yardsale sign could be used

-Share profit per hourly percentage







-Habitat meeting 12th 8am-4pm





Logo Review




-Vote next meeting





Blog Review

-Discuss submissions

-Publicity release forms for pictures


New York Trip

-Over Spring Break

-Club trip idea

-$300 per person



Meeting adjourned at 12:48

September 18, 2013 Meeting Minutes

Wake Tech Architecture Club

Minutes For:

September 18, 2013

Meeting started at 12:15




Club dues reminder


Matt Rogers/Trey Taylor SGA Reps announced


Motto/Logo deadline

-Deadline pushed back


October 19th or 26th Yardsale

-Joint with Landscape

-Leftover goods to be saved for later sales

-Email to pick a date


Snacks and Facts 11am-2pm Wednesday

-Use boards

-Use models






-Diego (12-1)

-Cody (1pm)

-email for more


Coffee Bar

-Adviser meeting needed


Habitat Volunteer Found

-Future Projects may need help




Bud discussion

-As built drawing with additions needed


Weed and feed

-8am-3pm Sept 28

-Needs Volunteers






Oct 12th Habitat Meeting


AIA Triangle Tour Oct 5th 10am-5pm

-aiatriangletour.com (October 2nd meeting)


Next Friday logo design deadline

September 4, 2013 Meeting Minutes

Wake Tech Architecture Club

Minutes For:

September 4, 2013

Meeting started at 12:09




Club dues reminder


Motto/Logo contest reminder


Next meeting 2 weeks away anounced

-Meet with Landscape Club on the 10th

-Treasurer vote announced


2 Student Representitives announced

-Trey and Matt


Attempts to meet in field

-CSI Membership

NC State forums


Habitat For Humanity

-CAD Project


Coffee Bar Times

-Volunteers discussed

-Mon/Wed/Fri from 7:30-10:30

-3 days a week possible




Snacks and Facts voulenteers

-5 volunteers for committee


SpackCon discussed


Meeting adjourned at 12:41





SparckCon Memory Map


AIA tour architect meeting


Volunteer Slots

13th – 6:30-9:30

14th – 9-12 and 12-3 and 3-6

15th – 10-2 and 2-6


Wake Tech Habitat Meetings

Sept 14th

Oct 12th

Nov 9th

August 28, 2013 Meeting Minutes

Council introduction at 12:11


Announced $5 membership


Student council representatives discussed

-2 Representatives

-1 Alternate


Diego volunteers for Treasurers


Logo/Motto competition announced


Previous/Future fundraising

-Cornhole/Yardsale breakup

-Landscape Club yardsale pairing


Snacks and facts


Coffee Bar revisited


Mr. Hill NC State discussed


Trip discussion

-Greece option

-Beginning of the next semester deadline

-Previous trips discussed


Club volunteer work


Discussed possible meet dates

-Multiple meetings per day discussed


Canstruction possibility


Outside/Friend meetings


Closed agenda at 12:48


Meeting adjourned at 12:53

Minutes – August 23, 2012

Thanks to all who attended:

Pablo Amestica      Jennifer Grove   Sarah Jones   Alice Kennedy   Sandries Barcelos   Kelly Burt   Joie Choo    Sean Dail   Patricia Malcolm     Billy Monroe    Justin Olson   Candis Parker   Bonita Sheppard   Jessica Staton    Diego Valdivia


Congratulations to our new officers! And thank you for taking on a leadership role for our club.

Sarah Jones – President

Sean Dail – Vice-President

Secretary – Diego Valdivia

Billy Monroe – SGA representative


“Facts and Snacks”- We decided to participate in the Facts and Snacks event on Main campus on Wednesday, Sept 12, 11 am – 2 pm. Tables will be set up in the PLM Courtyard. We’ll work on the design of our “booth” over the coming weeks. Any suggestions for the table design and/or volunteers to work on the booth, let us know at the next meeting.

Volunteers for monitoring the booth that day are :

Candis Parker, Bonita Sheppard, Alice Kennedy, Sandries Barcelos, Sarah Jones


Coffee bar There was great interest in starting up operation of the coffee bar in the lobby again. Volunteers for daily shifts( 7:30 -9:30 am and 5:30 – 6:30 pm) are needed, as well as baked goods makers. If you’d like to help, speak up at the next meeting.


Next meeting: Thursday, Aug. 30, Noon – 1 pm in ETB 218.

Presentation of the club trip to Savannah!