Happy Break!

Hello all,

I hope you have been enjoying a well deserved semester break and are resting up to come into the spring semester! I have been enjoying family time and learning so much at my internship with Hazen and Sawyer.

For those who are interested in pursuing licensure, I would like you to know where to access the information about recording your IDP hours. Here is a link to NCARB’s website, it tells you all about how to get started in registering and documenting your hours. I am still learning about a lot of these things, too, but if you have questions please come see me and we can find the answers together.

Trip go-ers: We will begin having trip meetings (separate from our general meetings) in the early spring. As of today, there is 12 weeks until the Chicago trip. I have lots of information for that first trip meeting, so please make every effort to attend. (date tbd)

Speaking of meetings… we will be changing the time/day of the regular meetings (click here). When you click on the link, it will take you to a Doodle webpage where you can vote for which time(s) work best for you. I apologize for the limited availability, but hopefully we can find a time that works smoothly for everyone. 🙂 Please vote before the beginning of the semester so we can accommodate as many members as possible.

Have a happy new year!

Brooke Grayson
Wake Tech AIAS, President


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