Meeting Minutes 4-8-15

Call to order: 12:08

Nominations are as follows:
Brooke Grayson
Co-Vice Presidents:
Micheal Johnson
Juan Aguilar
Trashanna Sanchez
Katelyn Stevenson
Caleb Hill
Patricia Simon

Nominees must submit a 2-3 minute speech in video format with talking points (text format) and a headshot (.jpg). Videos must be submitted by 11:00am 4/9/15. Videos will go live and voting will open at 12:00pm 4/9/15.

Speeches should include:

-Why the speaker wants the position.
-What the speaker would like to improve about the position.
-How they are qualified for the position.

VOTERS! Please review all speeches before casting your votes. Votes can be submitted to from your email. Votes will be accepted until 12:30pm 4/22/15. Next year’s officers will be announced at 1:00pm 4/22/15.

Academic Update

Registration has started this week. Schedule an appointment with your advisor to discuss summer classes. There is an “advising hold” on your registration until your advisor removes it and you can’t register for classes until that’s been done. Be sure to do that soon because the summer semester classes fill up FAST!

Work Based Learning- If you are going to do an internship over the summer, initial paperwork must be submitted by FRIDAY! Even if you don’t have a job established already, you can fill out the initial paperwork. See Mr. Jefferson or your advisor for more information.

This Saturday, 4/11/15, is a Wake Tech sponsored Habitat for Humanity date. Please attend, it is our last one of the semester and it is important to take some time out to give back to the community. The link is below.
After that, our members will be gathering at Tyler’s Tavern in Fuquay Varina to play pool and hang out. Some of our senior members will be graduating and it will be a last social gathering for some.

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